This is the sec­tion where we spec­u­late about some pretty ex­treme rar­i­ties which could oc­cur dur­ing the month. How about find­ing one of th­ese three megas, this Oc­to­ber?

Bird Watching (UK) - - Your Birding Month October -


It has been a long time since there was a proper Nutcracker year. But, the signs are good for this be­ing an ir­rup­tive year; with big move­ments be­ing recorded in Baltic states, such as Es­to­nia, in late sum­mer. Whether they reach the UK re­mains spec­u­la­tive, but that is what this sec­tion is for: spec­u­la­tion. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for th­ese brown-and-white, speck­led, corvid crack­ers!


The rarer of the two North Amer­i­can ‘Semipalmated’ waders, the Semipalmated Plover is easily over­looked owing to its sim­i­lar­ity to the Ringed Plover (in size it is half­way be­tween a Ringed and a Lit­tle Ringed Plover). Best dis­tinc­tion is the call, which is quite un­like ei­ther of the Euro­pean species.


An Asi­atic species closely re­lated to the Great Grey Shrike, it is sim­i­lar in many ways, but over­all paler, with a pale based bill and a dif­fer­ently shaped white patch on the up­per­wing.

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