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1Check the sea over the large dunes for pass­ing waders and divers. Use the height of the dunes to scan back over the lochs.

2Check over this loch for feed­ing and breed­ing ducks. Al­ways check the waders as some great rar­i­ties have turned up here along with the breed­ing birds.

3Another view­point where you may see a num­ber of in­ter­est­ing waders. Check the gulls as odd­ments will turn up. Look over Loch Fada for other breed­ing waders and ducks.


Scan Loch Fada for win­ter­ing geese and ducks. Mi­grant waders are likely es­pe­cially in the au­tumn. Lis­ten out for Corn Crakes in the spring and sum­mer.


Con­tinue along this road for signs of hunt­ing rap­tors. Star­lings are a good in­di­ca­tor to show that a rap­tor is present.

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