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It is not very ob­vi­ous, but th­ese nestlings are Grey Wag­tails which are in a small area be­tween a step and an­other con­crete sec­tion near Bid­dulph Val­ley Leisure Cen­tre. There is a stream go­ing to it, un­der it, and re-ap­pear­ing at the other side. For more years than any­one can re­mem­ber, but at least 14, th­ese lovely birds have bred here, nest­ing un­der the sev­eral bridges, and on the banks when the fo­liage has grown up. This was a new and un­ex­pected spot for them last year, but they fledged suc­cess­fully, as did the pair in the usual place. This year there have been two pairs un­der dif­fer­ent bridges, both pro­duc­ing young, and so there are sev­eral al­ways to be seen and heard. How­ever, an­other sur­pris­ing nest­ing spot this year was un­der the eaves of a house, near the leisure cen­tre, just about the spot you would ex­pect a spar­row to pick. Pat Mills

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