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A short dis­tance from the en­trance, is a sim­ple shel­ter with a map of the re­serve and the first choice of the day. Down­hill, at least to be­gin with, on the Wood­pecker Walk, a lengthy cir­cuit of three miles or so mostly close to the re­serve bound­ary. Al­ter­na­tively, stay on the high ground, at least to be­gin with on one of the shorter routes.


A sim­ple log seat, a me­mo­rial to Mar­garet Pat­ter­son, a Pengelli stal­wart in the early years, is close to a more open sec­tion of wood­land and a chance to catch sight of a Buz­zard, Red Kite or Raven over­head – or a Spar­rowhawk hurtling across the glade.


Pengelli is renowned for its Dormice, and, al­though you will not see one, it is com­fort­ing to know they are close by; win­ter­ing Field­fares and Red­wings should pro­vide a wel­come al­ter­na­tive.


Hope­fully, a Wood­cock will be flushed from along­side one of the main rides so af­ford­ing good if brief views be­fore it dis­ap­pears, a re­minder of the vast num­bers four cen­turies ago. Nuthatch, Treecreeper and Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker all oc­cur – trea­sure the lat­ter as its Green and Lesser Spot­ted cousins barely cling on now in Pem­brokeshire.

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