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This month, put your ID knowl­edge to the test with six birds caught in mid-bathe

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How well do you know your bathing birds? See if you can iden­tify the six here

Birds have feathers. In fact, they are cov­ered in them! And what an in­no­va­tion these ‘mod­i­fied scales’ are, pro­vid­ing a light­weight cov­er­ing that in­su­lates and dec­o­rates as well as al­low­ing flight. But, of course, all these feathers need reg­u­lar main­te­nance. Birds preen their feathers reg­u­larly, but they also need to bathe. The very process of bathing re­quires that birds twist them­selves into un­usual shapes; and can lead to some iden­ti­fi­ca­tion headaches, es­pe­cially in very brief views or in still pho­to­graphs (in the field, you can usu­ally see more of the bird than pho­tos cap­ture). But here we have pho­tos of birds caught mid­bathe to test your ID skills on; birds masked with wa­ter spray and in ‘strange’ poses. Name the birds in these six pho­to­graphs, then turn the page for our an­swers, and, as usual, turn the page for fur­ther ID tips on bathing birds and more...

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