Few sur­prises in grisly game

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was nice to see it res­ur­rected in a watch­able, in­ter­est­ing fash­ion that helps get rid of the hor­ri­ble taste left be­hind by pre­vi­ous en­try Saw 3D.

The main group of five vic­tims do lit­tle more than scream a lot and stum­ble from one lifethreat­en­ing sce­nario to the next, but Laura Van­der­voort’s Anna is given a har­row­ing back story and Paul Braun­stein (Ryan) rev­els in self­ish be­hav­iour and spurt­ing the odd know­ing joke.

Cal­lum Keith Ren­nie’s De­tec­tive Hal­lo­ran is a wor­thy ad­di­tion to the se­ries’ best cops and even just hear­ing Bell’s husky tones sends shiv­ers down spines.

Speak­ing of spines, bodies are pulled, twisted and wrenched in all sorts of di­rec­tions and grue­some in­juries will leave some cov­er­ing their eyes.

There is no es­cap­ing the fact, though, that as nasty as some of the traps are, there is noth­ing that can hold a bear trap or sy­ringe pit to the se­ries’ sick­en­ing best.

The same can be said for the movie’s fi­nal twist – a sta­ple of any Saw flick. One or two smaller el­e­ments of the story sur­prise, but the cli­mac­tic dis­clo­sure is much eas­ier to see com­ing than, say, the first two films’ big re­veals.

How­ever, it does leave the fran­chise in a bet­ter place than Saw 3D and there is scope for fur­ther se­quels to come.

Jig­saw will not con­vert many who have pre­vi­ously avoided the Saw movies like the plague, but there’s enough to stir fans’ nostalgia and whet their ap­petites for more grisly game-play­ing.

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