One big right wins it for Philip

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IT’S early in the sea­son but that didn’t stop plenty of en­tries for the Lon­don stages of the Na­tional De­vel­op­ment Cham­pi­onships, with Tot­ten­ham Com­mu­nity Sports Cen­tre host­ing 10 bouts on the Satur­day and 15 next day.

In a Class A su­per-heavyweight semi-fi­nal, Rep­ton’s Stephen

Aden­tan pro­duced some flashy moves only to fall apart when steady

Philip Toms (West­side) landed a big right on his chin in the last. Aden­tan got up but was counted out on his feet.

Rep­ton fared bet­ter in a Class A 64kgs quar­ter-fi­nal with tall, longlimbed Saquib Khan sur­viv­ing a sec­ond-round count to edge a split over IQ’S mus­cled Ernest Wo­j­cik,

who’d had to box the day be­fore. Amus­ingly, one big right sent Khan’s gumshield fly­ing – to be caught by a ringsider!

Dis­play­ing nice skills were south­paw Ti­mon Asiama (Cuban Box­ing Academy) at A 69kgs and Fair­bairn’s Joshua Gus­tave at B 75kgs, while at Class B 64kgs

Nu­man Hus­sain from the Haringey club next door (quite lit­er­ally) was cut on the scalp but de­clared a points win­ner over Fisher’s

Kamishka Amiry.

The Lon­dons con­clude with two shows this week­end, at Spring­west Academy in Feltham on Satur­day September 30 (3.30pm) and Tot­ten­ham Sports Cen­tre on Sun­day Oc­to­ber 1 (1pm). RE­SULTS (NB: Se­nior B3 x 3, all other bout 3 x

2): Ju­nior A: 66: Semi-fi­nals: Ray How­ell (Da­gen­ham) w/o Michael Maughan (Fair­bairn) over­weight, Da­wood Noa­man (East Lon­don BA) stpd Oliver Usher (Bodyshots) 2nd.

Ju­nior B: 60: Semi-fi­nal: Steve Mcdonagh (Fair­bairn) outpd Tolga Ke­ston (Rep­ton) split.

63: Semi-fi­nal: Martin Mcdonagh (Fair­bairn) outpd Al­fie Collins (Hooks) split. 66: Semi-fi­nal: Azaria Kabengeie (Miguels) outpd Shaquille Parch­ment (West Ham) unan. 70: Semi-fi­nals: Jer­maine Adeniji (Dou­ble Jab) outpd Ebenezer Sar­pong (Dou­ble Jab), Jon O’don­nell (Hooks) stpd Jayven Wil­son (Is­ling­ton) 3rd.

Se­nior A: 56: Semi-fi­nal: By­ron Cox (Is­ling­ton) outpd Amechi Chi­jioke (Dou­ble Jab) split. 64:

First se­ries: Ernest Wo­j­cik (IQ Neas­den) outpd Bran­don Wil­son (Har­row) unan. Quar­ter-fi­nals: Saquib Khan (Rep­ton) outpd Wo­j­cik split, Slav­isa Gegic (Is­ling­ton) outpd Re­han Ud­din (Rep­ton) split, Dhaniel Ram (East Lon­don BA) outpd Sharu­jan Swara­jpil­lai (Northolt) unan, Ricky Aly (Dou­ble Jab) outpd Ben Pascal (East Lon­don BA) split. 69: Semi-fi­nals: Ti­mon Asiama (Cuban BA) outpd Paul San­ta­maria (Afe­wee) unan, Eli­jah Eneg­benebho (Rep­ton) outpd Si­mon Collins (Is­ling­ton) split. 75: Quar­ter-fi­nals: Sher­ifdeen Lawal (St. Pan­cras) stpd Sean El­ston (Har­row) 1st, Chris Cun­ning­ham (Is­ling­ton) outpd Kwame Owusu-boateng (Afe­wee) unan, Ivo Ca­ma­cho (IQ Neas­den) w/o Mar­cello Cau Tait (Left Hook).

86: Semi-fi­nals: Kheron Gilpin (Miguels) stpd Sa­muel Anyia (IQ Neas­den) 1st in­jury, Will Hamil­ton (Rep­ton) outpd Ekene Iked­ife (Is­ling­ton) unan. 91: Semi-fi­nal: Ri­cardo Pow­ell (Miguels) w/o Arnold Obo­dai (Rep­ton). 91&:

Quar­ter-fi­nals: Philip Thoms (West­side) ko’d Stephen Aden­tan (Rep­ton) 3rd.

Se­nior B: 64: Semi-fi­nal: Nu­man Hus­sain (Haringey) outpd Kamishka Amiry (Fisher) unan. 69: Quar­ter-fi­nal: Vil­ius Alisauskas (Rep­ton) outpd John Dang (Dou­ble Jab) unan.

75: Quar­ter-fi­nals: Joshua Gus­tave (Fair­bairn) outpd Ab­doul Toure (Da­gen­ham) split, Ryan Ket­tle (Miguels) outpd James Wal­lace (Rep­ton) split. 81: Semi-fi­nals: Khara Bal­raj (West­side) outpd Martin Dim­itrov (Da­gen­ham) split, Aaron Nicely (Is­ling­ton) w/o Ai­dan Cas­sidy (Rep­ton).

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