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WATCH­ING the Jack Cat­ter­al­lo­hara Davies bout on TV re­cently, I was ir­ri­tated to no­tice both box­ers touch­ing gloves at the start of each round. I al­ways be­lieved that box­ing rules al­lowed for the touch­ing of gloves (shak­ing hands) for the first and last round only. Apart from any­thing else, it could eas­ily lead to prob­lems. For in­stance, if one boxer at the round’s com­mence­ment holds out a glove invit­ing a re­cip­ro­cal move from his op­po­nent, but the op­po­nent re­sponds with a hard right cross in­stead, you end up with a con­tro­ver­sial in­ci­dent. It also seems to con­tra­dict the ref­eree’s fi­nal in­struc­tion of ‘de­fend your­self at all times.’ I was sur­prised that a ref­eree of Howard Foster’s ex­pe­ri­ence did not put a stop to this mis­guided prac­tice. Larry Braysher


SKY SPORTS cov­er­age of the sport should be com­mended, but what ac­tu­ally makes a good box­ing com­men­ta­tor? Reg Gut­teridge, Harry Car­pen­ter and Eam­mon An­drews were all not just good but great box­ing com­men­ta­tors. In my opin­ion, Adam Smith is not. His com­men­tary dur­ing the Francesco Pat­era-lewis Rit­son fight was poor, in my view. Although he did change dur­ing his com­men­tary from his early plau­dits for Rit­son to say­ing he thought Pat­era had edged it, he nonethe­less showed far too much bias to­wards the home fighter, and this, in turn, I feel swayed co-com­men­ta­tor Paul Smith.

Surely the job of a good com­men­ta­tor is to be un­bi­ased and only com­ment when re­ally nec­es­sary? Adam’s com­ments favour­ing Rit­son in rounds one to five were not cor­rect, as he failed to note the clever box­ing of Pat­era. Over­all, I had Pat­era a clear win­ner and I agreed with the two judges who scored it 116-112 – in fact, I had it a bit wider. Judge Soren Saug­mann, who scored it for Rit­son by 116-112, must have had his eyes closed dur­ing the fight.

So who are the cur­rent best box­ing com­men­ta­tors? In my hum­ble opin­ion, Carl Froch and Tony Bellew are both good and have the po­ten­tial to be great. Richie Wood­hall is also good. I’d like to see Carl be handed the lead com­men­ta­tor role on the big fights, as he re­ally knows what he’s talk­ing about and reads a fight both fairly and well. Adam has proved he is very good in his role of Head of Box­ing at Sky Sports, maybe that is what he should stick to. Stu­art Green­berg


I AM cur­rently re­search­ing a book about the former Con­ser­va­tive peer, Lord “Bob” Boothby. He was known to be a keen fan of the Lon­don box­ing scene in the 1950s and 1960s, reg­u­larly turn­ing up to watch bouts. Are you a re­tired fighter who en­coun­tered him around this time? Or per­haps you knew of him by rep­u­ta­tion? If you have any mem­o­ries of him that you are pre­pared to share with me, I would love to hear from you. I’m happy to con­duct in­ter­views both on and off the record. I can be con­tacted via daniel.m.smith@hot­mail.co.uk or on 07855 816 693. Dan Smith

WHY THE WAIT? AN­THONY JOSHUA is next sched­uled to fight in April 2019, but surely he could fight again in De­cem­ber 2018? Why the seven-month wait be­tween fights for Joshua? Do mas­sive mod­ern box­ers need seven months be­tween fights to al­low their bod­ies to re­plen­ish? Is Joshua’s pop­u­lar­ity so big that an event takes seven months to organise? I’m greedy – I just want a heavy­weight at his peak to box on a semi-fre­quent ba­sis. Mike Hills


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