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PLAN­NING ap­pli­ca­tions regis­tered dur­ing the week end­ing Septem­ber 11, 2014.

All ex­cept the coun­cil’s own ap­pli­ca­tions may be de­ter­mined by the Head of Sus­tain­able De­vel­op­ment un­der del­e­gated au­thor­ity, un­less re­ferred to the plan­ning com­mit­tee by a coun­cil­lor.

Rep­re­sen­ta­tions should be sent to the De­vel­op­ment Con­trol Man­ager, Chiltern Dis­trict Coun­cil, King George V Road, Amer­sham, HP6 5AW, or emailed to plan­ning@chiltern. Emails must in­clude your postal ad­dress. Com­ments must be re­ceived by Oc­to­ber 3, 2014. Rep­re­sen­ta­tions can also be made di­rectly to plan­ning com­mit­tees and other coun­cil­lors – a list of mem­bers can be ob­tained from Plan­ning Ser­vices.

For House­holder ap­pli­ca­tions please note that if there is an ap­peal against the coun­cil’s re­fusal of plan­ning per­mis­sion, any com­ments you make on the ap­pli­ca­tion will be for­warded to the Plan­ning In­spec­torate. There will be no fur­ther op­por­tu­nity to com­ment at ap­peal stage.

All cor­re­spon­dence and per­sonal in­for­ma­tion can be seen by coun­cil­lors, the ap­pli­cant and mem­bers of the pub­lic, and will be pub­lished on the web­site.


l CH/2014/1486/TP: Work to trees cov­ered by Tree Preser­va­tion Or­der at 10 Char­ter Drive for Mr C Baker. l CH/2014/1506/FA: Con­ver­sion of swimming pool com­plex into an­cil­lary hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion with fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations at London Road East for Mr A Fox. l CH/2014/1507/EU: Ap­pli­ca­tion for cer­tifi­cate of law­ful­ness re­lat­ing to ex­ist­ing use of an­nex, an­cil­lary to main house. The an­nex con­tains a swimming pool and as­so­ci­ated plant and fit­ness ar­eas at London Road East for Mr A Fox. l CH/2014/1522/FA: First-floor side/rear ex­ten­sion at 51 Stan­ley Hill Av­enue for Mr and Mrs N Bull. l CH/2014/1532/FA: One-storey rear ex­ten­sion, rear dormer win­dow and in­ser­tion of rooflights to front to fa­cil­i­tate hab­it­able space in loft at 59 Bru­denell Close for Miss Ni­cola Pear­son. l CH/2014/1549/FA: In­ser­tion of front dormer win­dow, change in roof form to rear from hip to gable, and in­ser­tion of rooflights at 13 The Rise for Mr JD and Mrs J Fox.

Chal­font St Giles

l CH/2014/1449/FA: Full Ap­pli­ca­tion (House­holder) at Nightin­gales Lane for Samaha Hold­ing Ltd. l CH/2014/1494/FA: In­ser­tion of bay win­dow, con­ver­sion of ad­join­ing store build­ing into hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion, fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations at Mis­bourne House for Ms Kathryn My­ers. l CH/2014/1553/AV: One non-il­lu­mi­nated wall sign at Hare­wood Downs Golf Club, Cokes Lane for Hare­wood Downs Golf Club. l CH/2014/1600/FA: One-storey rear ex­ten­sion, one-storey front ex­ten­sion, al­ter­ation to fen­es­tra­tion, to in­clude juliet bal­cony doors, at 29 Nar­cot Road for Mr Alex Thorogood.

Chal­font St Peter

l CH/2014/1282/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for cer­tifi­cate of law­ful­ness for pro­posed build­ing op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to erec­tion of rear dormer win­dow, al­ter­ation of roof form from hip to gable, and front rooflights to fa­cil­i­tate loft con­ver­sion, and re­place­ment of two chim­neys with one taller chim­ney at 18 Nin­nings Road for Mr J Mills. l CH/2014/1516/FA: One-storey side ex­ten­sion, pitched roof to ex­ist­ing porch and ex­ist­ing front bay win­dow, al­ter­ations to fen­es­tra­tion and lay­ing of ad­di­tional hard­stand­ing at 2 Join­ers Close for Mr and Mrs Luis Pel­laez. l CH/2014/1540/FA: Re­de­vel­op­ment of site to pro­vide one build­ing con­tain­ing 10 res­i­den­tial apart­ments with un­der­ground park­ing, one de­tached refuse store, al­ter­ations/cre­ation of two ve­hic­u­lar ac­cesses and clo­sure of two ex­ist­ing ac­cesses at 28-32 Oval Way for Or­tus Homes Ltd. l CH/2014/1543/FA: Change of use of for­mer man­ager’s dwelling (class C3) to staff fa­cil­i­ties and as­so­ci­ated ed­u­ca­tional uses (class D1) at Bull Lane for Gay­hurst School Trust. l CH/2014/1545/FA: De­tached out­build­ing at 28 School Lane for Mr K McGory. l CH/2014/1550/FA: Part one-storey, part two-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 2 Gar­ners Close for Mr and Mrs S Mon­ger. l CH/2014/1556/FA: Roof al­ter­ations in­cor­po­rat­ing a change to roof form at front from hip to gable, in­ser­tion of rear dormer win­dow, and in­ser­tion of rooflights at 33 School Lane for Mr A McBeth. l CH/2014/1560/FA: Re­de­vel­op­ment of site to pro­vide three de­tached dwellings, one de­tached garage and for­ma­tion of ve­hic­u­lar ac­cesses with as­so­ci­ated hard­stand­ing (amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion ref­er­ence CH/2014/0711/FA) at 40 School Lane for Clark Con­struc­tion (SE) Ltd. l CH/2014/1570/FA: De­mo­li­tion of ex­ist­ing garage and one-storey struc­tures, erec­tion of two-storey side ex­ten­sions to south-east and north-west el­e­va­tions at Austen­wood Lane for Mr P Mor­gan.


l CH/2014/1423/FA: De­mo­li­tion of ex­ist­ing dwelling and re­de­vel­op­ment of site to pro­vide 10 dwellings, new ac­cess road with as­so­ci­ated park­ing and land­scap­ing at 16 Chess­mount Rise for In­land Homes. l CH/2014/1563/TP: Felling of two fir trees and crown re­duc­tion of two fir trees and one beech tree, all pro­tected by a Tree Preser­va­tion Or­der, at 10 Ly­crome Lane for Mr S Press­well.

Che­sham Bois

l CH/2014/1451/TP: Felling of two ash trees and one sycamore to rear of 58 and 60 Clifton Road and felling of one horn­beam ad­ja­cent to Amer­sham Road, all pro­tected by a Tree Preser­va­tion Or­der, at Hil­bury and Elvidge Woods for Wood­land Trust. l CH/2014/1521/FA: One-storey side ex­ten­sion at 15 Long Park Close for Mr and Mrs I Bar­rett. l CH/2014/1524/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for cer­tifi­cate of law­ful­ness for pro­posed op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to loft con­ver­sion with rear dormer, rooflights and fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations at 57 Green Lane for Mr Paul Thorn­bury. l CH/2014/1537/FA: One-storey side/rear ex­ten­sion at 5 St Leonards Road for Mr Roy Gourlay. l CH/2014/1539/TP: Prun­ing of branches of one ash tree, one birch tree and one beech tree over­hang­ing 14 The Grove, all pro­tected by a Tree Preser­va­tion Or­der, at 70 Long Park for Mr B Feakes. l CH/2014/1384/FA: Con­ver­sion of ex­ist­ing barn into dwelling with as­so­ci­ated cur­tilage, and de­mo­li­tion of steel Dutch Barn to south of Peter­ley OS Field 7900 on east side of Mis­senden Road for Mr and Mrs Bhachu.

Lit­tle Chal­font

l CH/2014/1535/FA: Part first-floor, part one-storey rear ex­ten­sion, in­cor­po­rat­ing first-floor bal­cony, first-floor front/side ex­ten­sion, con­ver­sion of garage into hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion and as­so­ci­ated al­ter­ations to fen­es­tra­tion at 20 Beech­wood Av­enue for The Need­ham Group Ltd.

Seer Green

l CH/2014/1464/TP: Crown re­duc­tion of two beech trees and one oak tree pro­tected by a Tree Preser­va­tion Or­der at Lane­side House, Bot­tom Lane for Mrs V Arnold.

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