Show of support for ‘our guardian an­gel’

Friend’s mum re­calls Pa­trik’s help for her son

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THE mother of a friend of Pa­trik's has de­scribed him as a ‘guardian an­gel'.

Jenny Har­ris’s son, Sam, went to school with Pa­trik both to York House School in Crox­ley Green and Berkham­sted School.

Ms Har­ris said: “My son had a hard time at school and when Pa­trik died he told me about what he did.

“He was amaz­ing, he stood up to the peo­ple who were giv­ing him a hard time. He was just won­der­ful. He stood up for Sam, he had some­thing about him that was a bit dif­fer­ent and he was there when stuff hap­pened. I had no idea.”

Ms Har­ris got to know Pa­trik when the fam­i­lies would do the school run to­gether when the two boys were grow­ing up. Although they were in dif­fer­ent friend­ship groups, Pa­trik would keep an eye out for Sam.

The mother added: “It was very mem­o­rable when Pa­trik in­vited Sam to a foot­ball match, he thought that he would en­joy it as he hadn’t been to one be­fore.

“Pa­trik re­ally helped my son, he was such a de­cent per­son.”

She added: “When my son found out what had hap­pened to Pa­trik, he was dis­traught, he couldn’t get his head around it. He was sob­bing, it was ter­ri­ble. That is when he told me about what Pa­trik had done for him. He was there for Sam on sev­eral oc­ca­sions.”

Ms Har­ris is also very grate­ful to Pa­trik for be­ing there for her son three years ago when his long-term girl­friend broke up with him.

Ms Har­ris, who lives in Chor­ley­wood, said: “Pa­trik com­forted Sam and looked after him at a party. He was like a guardian an­gel, he was there when he was needed.

She added: “I would 100 per cent back the cam­paign, our fam­ily al­ways wear seat­belts.”

AMAZ­ING: Jenny Har­ris’s son Sam was helped by Pa­trik Biel, right, at school; now she too has backed the cam­paign

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