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RE: ‘Dan­ger­ous road’ call as ac­tion is de­layed (page 11, Ad­ver­tiser, Septem­ber 25) ARE we to take com­fort from our new county coun­cil trans­port chief Ruth Vigor-Hed­derly’s com­ments re­gard­ing the com­plete in­ac­tion re­lat­ing to the traf­fic light sys­tem at Pack­horse Road?

She in­forms us that high­way junc­tion de­sign work in­volves much plan­ning and re­search. So what hap­pened first time round? Who is re­spon­si­ble for the cur­rent farce?

It is now two years since we were in­ter­viewed on this mat­ter and ex­pressed our views, yet we are in­formed by Ms Vigor-Hed­derly that it ‘ap­pears to be tak­ing a long time’. For ‘ap­pears’ read ‘is’.

Most of us work­ing in the pri­vate sec­tor would have this done by the end of the fol­low­ing week and I am very happy to chair a meet­ing, which I would ask should last no longer than two hours, when we could sort this out.

I take some com­fort that Ms Vigor-Hed­derly wants ‘to avoid the back of a fag packet fac­tor’ and prom­ise her that I would bring a sin­gle sheet of A4.

Ms Vigor- Hed­derly, get the di­ary out, sched­ule a meet­ing, make a decision and get this sorted.


Ger­rards Cross

idiot ‘plan­ner’ at Bucks County Coun­cil who has never lived in the real world.

They re­sult in a mas­sive build-up of traf­fic back to­wards the A40 and along Pack­horse Road. There should have been a round­about and four ‘nor­mal’ pedes­trian cross­ings out­side Tesco and one cross­ing new Sta­tion Road.

Buck County Coun­cil will never do any­thing to al­le­vi­ate the sit­u­a­tion, since do­ing away with the lights would be an ad­mis­sion that they wasted hun­dreds of thou­sands of pounds of our money in­ces­santly. Ev­ery time the lights malfunction, an en­gi­neer has to at­tend at the rel­e­vant cost.

Round­abouts out­side the su­per­mar­kets in Old Amer­sham and New Bea­cons­field have worked per­fectly well for so many years, with no dis­cernible build-up of traf­fic.

Bucks County Coun­cil has re­fused to take any con­struc­tive mea­sures re­gard­ing the ab­sence of pave­ments near the rail­way bridge in Mill Lane, Ger­rards Cross, lead­ing to the pri­mary school – that sit­u­a­tion is a fa­tal road ‘ac­ci­dent’ wait­ing to hap­pen. They refuse to do any­thing about the ab­sence of proper pave­ments in Bull Lane, Ger­rards Cross, close to the schools in Bull Lane and Malt­man’s Green Lane.

If Bucks CC had spent money on pave­ments in the area men­tioned, in­stead of on lu­di­crous traf­fic lights, Ger­rards Cross would be a safer and saner place.


Back Lane Chal­font St Giles

that valid judg­ments can be made about the safety of the Tesco junc­tion area?


Ful­mer Via email

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