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OME were more ner­vous than oth­ers as they had never been on a res­i­den­tial trip be­fore, but they were soon to find out that there was noth­ing to be wor­ried about.

After ev­ery­one had ar­rived and we had said goodbye to our par­ents we calmly left the main hall and walked to our coaches.

The ride to Ox­ford­shire was long and tir­ing but we sang some nurs­ery rhymes and kept our spir­its high! When we saw the sign for Bushcraft a mas­sive cheer rang through all the coaches.

Once we got to camp our lead­ers: Anna, Ali, Matt, Jo, Han­nah, as well as Scott our camp cook, went through the ba­sic rules.

We learnt about fire and how to start one. We lit our fires us­ing a flint and stone as well as Vase­line (it is made out of petrol) and cot­ton wool.

My tribe was called ‘Toot­sie Wub Wubs’. Some of the oth­ers were: Smooth­ies, Ravvi B Street Crew and Fire Apes.

After that we had another snack and then went to build some shel­ters which we could sleep in. Thurs­day 18

We learnt about cut­ting tools and ev­ery­one got to make a wooden tent peg out of a stick and us­ing a knife.

We got some mud and mixed ash with wa­ter on slapped on some cam­ou­flage. We learnt about con­ceal­ment and played some games like ob­ser­va­tion line and preda­tor.

We dressed into our swimming cos­tume so that we were ready to jump in the lake on site.

The life­guard threw a ball and you had to jump into the freez­ing cold lake to get!

While the pizza ovens were heat­ing up we learnt about Wilder­ness safety. The les­son in­cluded: ban­dag­ing cuts, sup­port­ing a bro­ken arm and what to do if you find some­one un­con­scious. Fri­day 19

We looked at an­i­mal traps and as they were il­le­gal we had to dis­man­tle them straight away.

Over­all Bushcraft was so much fun! I found it re­ally helped to make friends and be­come closer to­gether not just as a form group but as a fam­ily. I re­ally en­joyed all the ac­tiv­i­ties and they taught me some lessons for life! I would love to go back there and I hope fu­ture years get to go as well.

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