Na­ture’s trea­sure lurk­ing in your gar­den

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leaves. Oth­er­wise you can buy pur­pose-made sacks made from loosely wo­ven jute from most gar­den cen­tres now.

They hold an amaz­ing amount of leaves and have the added ad­van­tage of be­ing bio-degrad­able. Or place your leaves into a large, black poly­thene sack such as a bin liner. You will need to punch a few holes in the sides and bot­tom of it or your leaves will be­come a slimy mess. Tie the top loosely. Bear in mind that the vol­ume of leaves will re­duce to be­tween a quar­ter and a third as it be­comes leaf­mould. You can’t pos­si­bly over­dose your soil on it though so make as much as you can! Bags can be stacked if you’re short of space.

The leaves should have de­com­posed after about a year and you can use the re­sult­ing leaf­mould as a mulch. After another year it can be dug in to im­prove your soil or even used as a seed sow­ing com­post.

With au­tumn leaves in such plen­ti­ful sup­ply why not work your own bit of magic? Turn­ing na­ture’s dis­cards into leaf­mould does feel a lit­tle like alchemy!

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