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PLAN­NING ap­pli­ca­tions regis­tered dur­ing the week end­ing 18 De­cem­ber 2014. All ex­cept Chiltern Dis­trict Coun­cil’s own ap­pli­ca­tions may be de­ter­mined by the head of plan­ning ser­vices un­der del­e­gated au­thor­ity, un­less re­ferred to the plan­ning com­mit­tee by a coun­cil­lor. Rep­re­sen­ta­tions should be sent to the head of plan­ning ser­vices, Chiltern Dis­trict Coun­cil, King George V Road, Amer­sham, HP6 5AW, or emailed to plan­ning@chiltern. Emails must in­clude your postal ad­dress. Com­ments must be re­ceived by 9 Jan­uary 2015. Rep­re­sen­ta­tions can also be made di­rectly to plan­ning com­mit­tees and other coun­cil­lors – a list of com­mit­tee mem­bers can be ob­tained from plan­ning ser­vices. All cor­re­spon­dence and per­sonal in­for­ma­tion can be seen by coun­cil­lors, the ap­pli­cant and mem­bers of the pub­lic, and will be pub­lished on the coun­cil’s web­site. l CH/2014/2123/FA: Ex­ter­nal and in­ter­nal al­ter­ations to fa­cil­i­tate use of for­mer sta­bles as an­cil­lary res­i­den­tial ac­com­mo­da­tion at Che­sham Road for Fin­mix Sa. l CH/2014/2124/HB: Fa­cil­i­tate use of for­mer sta­bles as an­cil­lary res­i­den­tial ac­com­mo­da­tion with ex­ter­nal and in­ter­nal al­ter­ations at Che­sham Road for Fin­mix Sa. l CH/2014/2165/FA: New ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess and lay­ing of as­so­ci­ated hard­stand­ing at Che­sham Road for Mr Paul Burger.


l CH/2014/2076/HB: Re­ten­tion of al­ter­ation to in­sert a gal­leried mez­za­nine floor at 8 Bury Farm for Mr Andy Howlett. l CH/2014/2095/FA: Sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 157 High Street for Mr C Kenny. l CH/2014/2096/HB: Sin­gle­storey rear ex­ten­sion, in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal al­ter­ations at 157 High Street for Mr C Kenny. l CH/2014/2106/FA: Two rear dormer win­dows, two front roof lights and fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ation to fa­cil­i­tate hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in roof space at 3 Lol­lards Close for Mr David Hollins. l CH/2014/2114/AV: Nine non-il­lu­mi­nated vinyl signs for Tesco Click and Col­lect, col­lec­tion pod and canopy at Tesco Stores Limited. l CH/2014/2120/FA: First-floor side and sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sions at 8 Char­ter Drive for Mr & Mrs C Bishop. l CH/2014/2125/FA: Change of use from use Class B8 (stor­age and dis­tri­bu­tion) to use Class B1(c) (light in­dus­trial) (ret­ro­spec­tive) at Raans Road for Hart­graph Limited. l CH/2014/2131/FA: Two-storey side ex­ten­sion at 1 Ch­est­nut Court for Mr Scott Mer­rilees. l CH/2014/2149/FA: Quak­ers So­ci­ety Of Friends Meet­ing House at Friends Meet­ing House for Chiltern Area Quaker Meet­ing. l CH/2014/2142/FA: Ex­ten­sion to cre­ate part two-storey, part three-storey front gable pro­jec­tion at 70 St Leonards Road for Mr J Mon­ger.

Chal­font St Giles

l CH/2014/1908/FA: Sta­tion­ing of 14 closed stor­age con­tain­ers and change of use of the land for the pur­poses of stor­age (Class B8) and the sta­tion­ing of four por­ta­cab­ins for a mixed use com­pris­ing stor­age, of­fice and in­dus­trial pur­poses (Class B8 and B1) for a tem­po­rary pe­riod of six months (ret­ro­spec­tive) at Dib­den Hill for Chal­font Stor­age Limited. l CH/2014/2127/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a cer­tifi­cate of law­ful­ness for de­mo­li­tion of con­ser­va­tory and cre­ation of sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 6 Gray­burn Close for Mr David Zealey.


l CH/2014/2057/FA: Re­moval of two ex­ist­ing sin­gle-storey ex­ten­sions, cre­ation of part two-storey part sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion, fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations and ex­tended paved ter­race at Church Street for Rev­erend Si­mon Cans­dale. l CH/2014/2058/HB: Re­moval of two ex­ist­ing sin­gle-storey ex­ten­sions, cre­ation of part two-storey part sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion, in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal al­ter­ations at Church Street for Rev­erend Si­mon Cans­dale. l CH/2014/2065/FA: Re­de­vel­op­ment of site to pro­vide two de­tached dwellings, served by two new ve­hic­u­lar ac­cesses and as­so­ci­ated land­scap­ing at 34 Ridge­way Road for DB Rees Builders Limited. l CH/2014/2071/EU: Ap­pli­ca­tion for cer­tifi­cate of law­ful­ness re­lat­ing to the use of the premises as a cafe (Use Class A3) and hot food take­away (Use Class A5) at 114 High Street for Ms Linda Cole & Ruth Page. l CH/2014/2118/FA: Part two-storey/part first-floor/part sin­gle-storey side/rear ex­ten­sion at 16 Park Road for Mrs Minu Chowdry-West­lake.

Chal­font St Peter

l CH/2014/2141/FA: Re­place­ment sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 15 Tylers Hill Road for Mr & Mrs Pass­ing­ham. l CH/2014/2006/FA: Sub-di­vi­sion of shop to cre­ate two shops at Chal­font Home Stores for Mr M Pa­tel. l CH/2014/2009/FA: Pro­posed base­ment ex­ten­sion and fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations at Chal­font Home Stores for Mr M Pa­tel. l CH/2014/2082/FA: Two-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 27 Lovel Road for Mr Leo Elli­nor. l CH/2014/2130/FA: Cre­ation of a de­tached garage at Austen­wood Lane for Mr Paul Mor­gan. l CH/2014/2152/FA: Two-storey side and sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion at 9A Den­ham Walk for Ms M War­den. l CH/2014/2235/TP: Crown re­duc­tion of an ash tree pro­tected by a Tree Preser­va­tion Or­der at 11 Hill­field Square for Mr K Haines.

Great Mis­senden

l CH/2014/1934/FA: Sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 2 Black­horse Cot­tages for Mr & Mrs D I Atkins. l CH/2014/2126/FA: Sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 14 Heath End Road for Mr & Mrs Si­mon Hobbs. l CH/2014/2133/FA: Sin­gle-storey ex­ten­sion to north-east el­e­va­tion at Pot­ter Row for Mr Ste­wart Den­nis. l CH/2014/2135/FA: Full ap­pli­ca­tion (house­holder) at 1 Over Ham­p­den for Mr & Mrs I Hewitt. l CH/2014/2147/FA: Two-storey rear ex­ten­sion, sin­gle-storey front/ side/rear ex­ten­sion and front open porch at 67 High Street for Mr Ron Miles. l CH/2014/2155/FA: Sin­gle-storey side ex­ten­sion at 8 Over Ham­p­den for Mr and Mrs Stu­art Tay­lor.

Lit­tle Chal­font

l CH/2014/2073/FA: Sin­gle-storey side/rear ex­ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing ac­com­mo­da­tion in the roof space, front and rear dormer win­dows, front porch and fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations at 144 El­iz­a­beth Av­enue for Mr & Mrs Florin Sto­ica. l CH/2014/2154/FA: Part two-storey and part sin­gle-storey side to rear ex­ten­sion at 22 Bell Lane for K Collins and A Sibi­lant.

Lit­tle Mis­senden

l CH/2014/2121/FA: Two-storey rear ex­ten­sion at 9 The Green for Mrs S Mered­ith.


l CH/2014/2056/FA: Part two-storey, part sin­gle-storey front/ side/rear ex­ten­sion, part two-storey, part sin­gle-storey front ex­ten­sion, sin­gle-storey side ex­ten­sion and hard­stand­ing to front (amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2014/0319/FA) at 44 Howe Drive for Mr Matthew Old­field. l CH/2014/2063/FA: Sin­gle-storey ex­ten­sion with ac­com­mo­da­tion in the roof space, sin­gle-storey side/ front ex­ten­sion link­ing dwelling to garage, in­ser­tion of three dormer win­dows to front roof slope, ex­ten­sion to ex­ist­ing rear dormer win­dow, re­place­ment roof on garage and front porch (change to plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2014/0490/FA) at 9 Hutch­ings Road for Mr & Mrs John Righton. l CH/2014/2132/FA: Part two-storey, part sin­gle-storey front ex­ten­sion at 72 Ha­zle­mere Road for Mr Mark Hardie. l CH/2014/2148/FA: Part two-storey, part first-floor, part sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion and porch at 1 Chapel Cot­tages for Mr Andy Glas­gow.

Seer Green

l CH/2014/2104/FA: Cre­ation of a first-floor front side ex­ten­sion, con­ver­sion of ex­ist­ing garage into hab­it­able space and cre­ation of a new de­tached garage at 22 Seer Mead for Mr & Mrs Hodg­son. l CH/2014/2128/FA: Cre­ation of de­tached dou­ble garage and store, cre­ation of new ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess and lay­ing of hard­stand­ing at 55 Or­chard Road for Dr Paul Osler.

The Lee

l CH/2014/2159/FA: Re­place­ment dwelling at Red Lion Hill at Red Lion Hill for Mr C Camp­bell.

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