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By now, those who are tak­ing part in `Dry Jan­uary’ may well be feel­ing the strain but con­versely you may be feel­ing re­vi­talised as your body reaps the ben­e­fits.

This week we’re in­tro­duc­ing the Pur­ple Pas­sion which is rich in nu­tri­ents with cran­berry be­ing its main in­gre­di­ent. A good qual­ity cran­berry juice will al­ways en­sure you get the max­i­mum amount of berry con­tent and less sugar. This is key as cran­ber­ries can of­fer re­lief to a num­ber of common health com­plaints and also con­tain Phy­tonu­tri­ents which are nat­u­rally de­rived plant com­pounds and have been found to pre­vent a wide range of health is­sues and in­fec­tions.

Mixed with the sharp taste of grape­fruit and the back­drop of a dash of grena­dine’s sweet and tart flavour, it’s the per­fect light drink which is easy to make.

Pour two thirds cran­berry juice, one third grape­fruit juice into a short glass filled with ice, add a good drop of grena­dine and a twist of lime and stir well.

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