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Bucks County coun­cil­lors attendance at ex­pected meet­ings from Jan­uary 23 2014 to Jan­uary 23 2015. Martin Tett, Con­ser­va­tive, Lit­tle Chal­font and Amer­sham Common and coun­cil leader: 97 per cent Martin Phillips, Con­ser­va­tive, Amer­sham and Che­sham Bois: 96 per cent Lin Hazell, Con­ser­va­tive, Farn­ham Common and Burn­ham Beeches: 96 per cent Phil Gomm, UKIP, Ayles­bury East: 95 per cent Robin Stuch­bury, Labour, Buck­ing­ham West: 94 per cent Andy Hux­ley, UKIP, Ayles­bury North: 93 per cent Va­lerie Letheren, Con­ser­va­tive, Ter­ri­ers and Amer­sham Hill: 90 per cent Adrian Busby, Con­ser­va­tive, Bea­cons­field: 89 per cent Brian Adams, UKIP, Ayles­bury South West: 88 per cent David Wat­son, Con­ser­va­tive, Flack­well Heath, Lit­tle Mar­low and Mar­low South East: 87 per cent Pa­tri­cia Birch­ley, Con­ser­va­tive, Chiltern Ridges: 87 per cent Mar­garet As­ton, Con­ser­va­tive, Bern­wood: 85 per cent Les­ley Clarke,

Con­ser­va­tive, Abbey: 85 per cent Steven Lam­bert, Lib Dem, Ayles­bury West: 85 per cent Wendy Mallen, Con­ser­va­tive, Down­ley: 85 per cent War­ren Whyte, Con­ser­va­tive, Buck­ing­ham East: 84 per cent Netta Glover, Con­ser­va­tive, Wing: 84 per cent Noel Brown, Con­ser­va­tive, Chess Val­ley: 84 per cent Roger Reed, Con­ser­va­tive, Den­ham: 84 per cent Zahir Mo­hammed, Con­ser­va­tive, Booker, Cres­sex and Castle­field and Con­ser­va­tive Chair­man: 82 per cent Ti­mothy Butcher, Con­ser­va­tive, Chal­font St Giles: 82 per cent David Martin, Con­ser­va­tive, Chal­font St Peter: 81 per cent David Shake­speare, Con­ser­va­tive, Tylers Green and Loud­wa­ter: 81 per cent Peter Hardy, Con­ser­va­tive, Ger­rards Cross: 80 per cent Brian Roberts, Con­ser­va­tive, Ayles­bury South East: 80 per cent Mike Ap­p­le­yard, Con­ser­va­tive, The Wooburns, Bourne End and Hed­sor: 79 per cent Bill Bendyshe-Brown, Con­ser­va­tive, The Ris­bor­oughs: 79 per cent Ruth Vigor-Hed­derly, Con­ser­va­tive, Iver: 78 per cent Trevor Egle­ton, Con­ser­va­tive, Stoke Po­ges and Wex­ham: 77 per cent Bill Chap­ple, Con­ser­va­tive for As­ton Clin­ton and Bier­ton and Con­ser­va­tive ViceChair­man: 77 per cent Paul Ir­win, UKIP for Stone and Wad­des­don: 76 per cent Jean Tees­dale, Con­ser­va­tive, Chiltern Vil­lages: 76 per cent Chaudhary Ditta, Lib Dem, Tot­teridge and Bow­erdean: 75 per cent Richard Scott, Con­ser­va­tive, Mar­low: 74 per cent John Chil­ver, Con­ser­va­tive, Winslow: 73 per cent Janet Blake, Con­ser­va­tive, Great Brick­hill: 73 per cent Carl Et­holen, Con­ser­va­tive, Ridge­way West: 72 per cent An­gela Macpher­son, Con­ser­va­tive, Gren­don Un­der­wood: 71 per cent Dev Dhillon, Con­ser­va­tive, Clive­den: 70 per cent Alan Stevens, UKIP, Great Mis­senden: 70 per cent Ka­t­rina Wood, Con­ser­va­tive, Ha­zle­mere: 68 per cent Mark Shaw, Con­ser­va­tive, Che­sham: 67 per cent Avril Davies, Lib Dem, Iv­inghoe: 64 per cent David Car­roll, Con­ser­va­tive, Ridge­way East: 59 per cent Dar­ren Hay­day, In­de­pen­dent, West Wy­combe: 59 per cent Raj Khan, Lib Dem,

UN­AVAIL­ABLE: David Schofield Ayles­bury North: 54 per cent Ju­lia Was­sell, In­de­pen­dent, Rye­mead and Mick­le­field, East Wy­combe: 50 per cent David Schofield, Con­ser­va­tive, Penn Wood & Old Amer­sham: 41 per cent Chris Adams, UKIP, Wen­dover, Hal­ton and Stoke Man­dev­ille: 39 per cent

Ju­lia Was­sell, In­de­pen­dent, Rye­mead and Mick­le­field, who had a 50 per cent attendance record de­clined to com­ment.

Coun­cil­lors Chris Adams and David Schofield were un­avail­able for com­ment.

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