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HOMEWORK: The bane of any par­ent’s, mean kid’s life – fact.

While spend­ing any form of time help­ing your chil­dren in any sort of cir­cum­stance should be deemed a plea­sure, this is in fact is not the case when it comes to the sub­ject in mat­ter.

World War Three tends to break out ev­ery time the ques­tion of “Do you have any homework?” is posed to son num­ber two, the sit­u­a­tion only de­te­ri­o­rat­ing fur­ther when he is force­fully en­cour­aged to read what is re­quired of him on his own, ob­vi­ously made even worse when it’s a com­pre­hen­sion ex­er­cise.

few more melt­downs are manda­tory at this point and to note, the pen has not yet touched the pa­per, as it is in fact still safely in his bag.

Stir­ring up a hor­nets’ nest with ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘ I should be out play­ing, not do­ing more work’ com­ments be­ing thrown about here and there.

Once the in­struc­tions have been read, there is nat­u­rally some huff­ing and puff­ing, fol­lowed by ‘can you just help me do this’ (ges­tur­ing to the homework in its en­tirety).

In or­der to at­tempt to com­bat th­ese sit­u­a­tions, snacks must be pro­vided (call it a bribe if you like) in the form of choco­late bis­cuits, with more bribes and prom­ises should he at­tempt to com­plete homework on a solo mission.

Un­likely! Tough love is what it’s all about, he must learn think for him­self, even if guid­ance must be given in the first in­stance. The fact that the din­ner must be cooked at this pre­cise mo­ment is ir­rel­e­vant to him at this stress­ful point, as son num­ber two now deems him­self in­ca­pable of search­ing on the in­ter­net. Give me strength! While help­ing him is a mum-given-right, it some­times is per­ceived that per­haps the homework in ques­tion is more set to test us par­ents than the chil­dren. Thank good­ness for Google!

The lack of son num­ber two’s in­spi­ra­tion can­not com­pletely be blamed on the fact he is a boy, as his older brother hap­pily ploughs through his homework, with his goal clear in his mind: fin­ish homework, play on PlaySta­tion. Sim­ple.

Don’t get me started on the hol­i­day homework, this only comes in handy when they are un­ruly and no plans to go out have been made – a rar­ity.


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