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PLAN­NING ap­pli­ca­tions reg­is­tered dur­ing the week end­ing Fe­bru­ary 5, 2015. All ex­cept Chiltern Dis­trict Coun­cil’s own ap­pli­ca­tions may be determined by the head of plan­ning ser­vices un­der del­e­gated author­ity, un­less re­ferred to the plan­ning com­mit­tee by a coun­cil­lor. Rep­re­sen­ta­tions should be sent to the head of plan­ning ser­vices, Chiltern Dis­trict Coun­cil, King Ge­orge V Road, Amer­sham, HP6 5AW, or emailed to plan­ning@ Emails must in­clude your postal ad­dress. Com­ments must be re­ceived by Fe­bru­ary 27, 2015. Rep­re­sen­ta­tions can be made di­rectly to plan­ning com­mit­tees and other coun­cil­lors – a list of com­mit­tee mem­bers can be ob­tained from plan­ning ser­vices. All cor­re­spon­dence and per­sonal in­for­ma­tion can be seen by coun­cil­lors, the ap­pli­cant and mem­bers of the public, and will be pub­lished on the coun­cil’s web­site.


● CH/2015/0074/FA: Con­ver­sion and ex­ten­sion of garage to cre­ate an­cil­lary ac­com­mo­da­tion at 164 High Street for Mrs Olga Strud­wick. ● CH/2015/0077/FA: Two storey side, sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sions at 40 Stan­ley Hill for Mr and Mrs R and S Lan­gr­ish. ● CH/2015/0100/FA: Sin­gle storey side/rear and roof ex­ten­sions in­cor­po­rat­ing the in­ser­tion of five dormer win­dows to serve hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion within the roof space, and new re­tain­ing walls to fa­cil­i­tate raised pa­tio at 12 Wil­low Lane for Mr and Mrs Gizzi. ● CH/2015/0156/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, part two storey part sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion, widen­ing of ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess at 11 Wood­side Close for Mrs K Am­bikaipakan.

Chal­font St Giles

● CH/2015/0063/FA: Two storey side ex­ten­sion at Dib­den Cottage, Dib­den Hill for Mr Robert Shack. ● CH/2015/0092/FA: De­tached dwelling with garage, up­grad­ing ac­cess track and as­so­ci­ated land­scap­ing at Land R/o Beech­wood, Beech Lane for Mr & Mrs Floyd. ● CH/2015/0143/FA: Sin­gle storey front, sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sions, re­place­ment raised roof to side garage and store at 61 Kings Road for Mr M Newell. ● CH/2015/0144/FA: Sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion at Beech­garth, Copse Lane for Mr A Lynch-Good­win.


● CH/2015/0065/FA: Re­pairs to listed barn, de­mo­li­tion and re­con­struc­tion of gable wall at 1 Char­tridge Lane for Mrs Jenny Will­ment. ● CH/2015/0089/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion at 8 Lyn­ton Road for Mr M Jeeves. ● CH/2015/0106/FA: Change of use of part of ground floor and first and sec­ond floors to pro­vide 6 res­i­den­tial flats (Use Class C3) (amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2013/1878/FA) at 10 - 16 Mar­ket Square for River­dene De­vel­op­ments Ltd. ● CH/2015/0107/HB: In­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal al­ter­ations for change of use of part of ground floor and first and sec­ond floors to pro­vide 6 res­i­den­tial flats at 10 - 16 Mar­ket Square for River­dene De­vel­op­ments Ltd. ● CH/2015/0112/FA: Two storey right side ex­ten­sion, two storey left side ex­ten­sion with in­te­gral garage, sin­gle storey rear and part first floor rear ex­ten­sion. in­ser­tion of rooflights at 1 Ash­ley Green Road for Mr J P Mur­phy. ● CH/2015/0162/FA: Part two store, part sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sions, dormer win­dows to front roofs of Nos 44 and 46 Vale Road at 44 & 46 Vale Road for Mrs Owen & Mr Bar­rett.

Chal­font St Peter

● CH/2015/0057/FA: De­mo­li­tion of garage to ac­com­mo­date two storey front, side, rear ex­ten­sion at Br­ere­ton Cottage, Chiltern Hill for Mr & Mrs Gerry Brown. ● CH/2015/0061/FA: New ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess, clo­sure of ex­ist­ing ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess, and al­ter­ations to hard­stand­ing at Gold Hill Cottage, Gold Hill East for Mrs E West­cott. ● CH/2015/0084/FA: Re­place­ment Agri­cul­tural Build­ing at Skip­pings Farm, Na­tional So­ci­ety For Epilepsy for Na­tional So­ci­ety for Epilepsy. ● CH/2015/0090/FA: Sin­gle storey side/rear/in­fill ex­ten­sion, hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in garage, sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sion at 12 Copthall Close for Mr & Mrs Collins. ● CH/2015/0130/FA: Re­place­ment of first floor rear raised ter­race with sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, re­place­ment win­dows, two new rooflights to rear, new chim­ney and flue at 128 Rick­mansworth Lane for Mr Adam Robin­son.


● CH/2015/0060/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, first floor side/rear ex­ten­sion with two side dormer win­dows at Rose­bank, Che­sham Road for Ms Sian Goodspeed. ● CH/2015/0099/FA: Part two storey, part sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sion at Har­win House, Che­sham Road for Mr Of­flow and Miss Brewer. ● CH/2015/0149/FA: Re­place­ment roof to de­tached garage to cre­ate hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in the roof­s­pace and part con­ver­sion of ex­ist­ing garage at Hedge Cottage Char­tridge Lane for Mrs H Hall.

Great Mis­senden

● CH/2014/2303/FA: Sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion link­ing garage to dwelling, in­ter­nal al­ter­ations and con­ver­sion of garage at 34 Lodge Lane for Mr & Mrs Peter and Petra Harte. ● CH/2015/0031/FA: Sin­gle storey side/front ex­ten­sion to re­place garage, new garage, in­ser­tion of six dormer win­dows at Holm­wood, Ballinger Road for Mr Lyn­don Hol­land. ● CH/2015/0064/FA: Change of use of the site for use as pri­vate gar­dens and wood­land and two de­tatched out­build­ings (ret­ro­spec­tive) to Rear Of 2 Mill End Close for Mrs Anita Bradshaw. ● CH/2015/0085/FA: Change of use of Public House/restau­rant to a sin­gle dwelling (Use Class C3), at The Kings Head Public House, 188 Wy­combe Road for Hawthorn Leisure Ltd. ● CH/2015/0111/FA: Sin­gle storey front, sin­gle storey rear, re­place­ment roof and al­ter­ation of ex­ter­nal hard­wood cladding at Claren­don House, Claren­don Road for Mr & Mrs Red­man. ● CH/2015/0154/FA: Sin­gle storey front/side ex­ten­sion, an­nexed sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion with three velux win­dows cre­at­ing hab­it­able space in the roof at Tu­dor Oak, Sal­mons Lane for Mrs Stephanie Baudet. ● CH/2015/0155/FA: Two storey side ex­ten­sion, sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sion, de­mo­li­tion of sin­gle storey rear pro­jec­tion at 9 Stevens Close for Mr Adrian An­drievschi. ● CH/2015/0163/FA: Side roof ex­ten­sion to cre­ate clipped gable, two storey rear ex­ten­sion, re­place­ment front dormer win­dow at 24 Fair­fields for Mr & Mrs Barnard.

Lit­tle Chal­font

● CH/2014/1896/FA: First floor rear ex­ten­sion at 158 White Lion Road for Mr Kul­veer Sanghera. ● CH/2014/2310/FA: Sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion at 40 Beech­wood Av­enue for Mr & Mrs R Sut­cliffe. ● CH/2015/0102/FA: Sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sion at 37 Beech­wood Av­enue for Mr D Mar­shall.

Lit­tle Mis­senden

● CH/2015/0122/FA: Sec­ond storey rear ex­ten­sion at 3 Shep­herds Fold for Mrs Claire Gar­den.


● CH/2014/1981/FA: Part two storey, part sin­gle storey front/ side/rear ex­ten­sion, two rear dormer win­dows and new ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess at Clovelly Coleshill Lane for Ms G Hawkins. ● CH/2015/0033/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, ex­ten­sion to side dormer win­dow, cre­ation of ad­di­tional ac­cess at 3 Wood­lands Drive for Mr Alan Wright. ● CH/2015/0041/FA: Sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion, sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, rear dormer and three roof lights to fa­cil­i­tate hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in loft at 6 Cherry Drive for Mr Simon Ron­ald­son. ● CH/2015/0068/FA: Erec­tion of an at­tached garage at Land Ad­ja­cent To For­mer Site Of 2 The Dutch House for Mr M Till. ● CH/2015/0091/FA: Sin­gle storey front, sin­gle storey rear, sin­gle storey front/side ex­ten­sion, first floor front and rear ex­ten­sions, new hipped roof with flat crown and six dormer win­dows, de­tached garage at 24 Drews Park for Mr & Ms J Alexander & Bagshaw. ● CH/2015/0126/FA: Sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sion, sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion with roof dormer and rooflights at Clay­ton Coleshill Lane for Mr Lee Bar­ring­ton.

Seer Green

● CH/2015/0121/FA: Part two storey part sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, pitched roof to ex­ist­ing front ex­ten­sion at 10 Drovers Way for Mr & Mrs R Pear­son.

The Lee

● CH/2015/0109/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion with ac­com­mo­da­tion in roof­s­pace, two storey front ex­ten­sion and two front dormer win­dows at North Acre, Swan Bot­tom for Mr J St-Clair Bur­ton.

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