In­gre­di­ents For the samosas:

Roast fruity samosas with car­damom scented vanilla ice cream

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230g plain flour plus ex­tra 80g 60ml rape­seed oil, pinch of salt For the fill­ing: 2 man­gos, peeled and cubed 3 peaches, peeled and cubed 3 kiwi fruit peeled and cubed 1 pun­net of rasp­ber­ries 3tbsp caster sugar

For the rose­wa­ter dip:

250ml crème fraîche 1tbsp sugar 1tbsp vanilla sugar Rose­wa­ter to taste

For the ice cream:

450ml milk 1 vanilla pod 3 car­damom pods 4 egg yolks 100g sugar 150ml dou­ble cream


First make the ice cream: Heat the milk with the vanilla and car­damom pods. Set aside for ap­prox­i­mately 30 min­utes, or un­til the de­sired flavour is achieved. Place the egg yolks, sugar, in a bowl

and mix well.

Roasted fruit samosas with car­damom scented ice cream Pour the in­fused milk onto the egg yolks stir­ring all the time. Re­turn to the saucepan – which must be rinsed out – and stir over a low heat un­til the custard thick­ens with­out boil­ing. Strain into a large bowl and al­low to

cool. Whisk the cream lightly un­til

be­gin­ning to thicken and fold into

the cool custard. Freeze in an elec­tric ice cream ma­chine if pos­si­ble or in your freezer but stir­ring ev­ery so of­ten to soften the ice cream.

For the samosas:

Sieve to­gether the 230g flour and salt in a bowl, add the oil and stir in enough wa­ter to make a smooth

dough. Knead for 10 min­utes, cover with a

wet cloth un­til re­quired. To make the fill­ing: Line a bak­ing sheet with alu­minium foil, place the mango, peach and kiwi on the foil and sprin­kle with the sugar. Roast in a hot oven, gas mark 6,

200ºC for 10-15 min­utes. Leave to cool then stir in the

rasp­ber­ries. Com­bine all the in­gre­di­ents for the

dip and chill un­til re­quired. Cut the samosa dough into 12 equal

pieces and shape into balls. Dredge with flour and roll out into

cir­cles as thinly as pos­si­ble. Cut the cir­cles in half. Take the 80g of plain flour and mix in suf­fi­cient wa­ter to make a mix­ture that re­sem­bles sauce Béchamel. This will act as `glue’. Take one of the semi-cir­cles of pas­try and us­ing a fin­ger spread the `glue’ around the edges. Care­fully fold into a cone shape leav­ing the curved edge open. Hold the cone in your hand and two thirds fill with cold samosa fill­ing. Seal the curved edge. Re­peat with all

the re­main­ing mix­ture. Cook in a deep fat fryer or in a fry­ing pan con­tain­ing 2 inches of hot oil un­til golden brown. Drain well, sprin­kle with caster sugar and serve warm with the dip handed separately. Yes love is in the air! So, what else could we taste this week other than Cham­pagne! Off to the Cham­pag­neAr­denne re­gion of north-eastern France, tast­ing a rose sourced from a fam­ily vine­yard near Les Riceys. Made from 100% Pinot noir, we are tast­ing the Alexan­dre Bon­net Rose Brut NV. The look is a Turk­ish De­light pink, with tiny bub­bles and a fine mousse. On the nose, there is a crisp fresh­ness with aro­mas of rasp­ber­ries. In the mouth, a fine mousse tin­gles on the tongue. This is a very dry-style of wine, with rasp­berry fruit flavours and a very mor­eish bis­cu­ity note on the fin­ish. The per­fect part­ner for your Valen­tines cel­e­bra­tions!. Alc. Vol. 12%. Price. £19.99. En­joy 25% off at Waitrose un­til 17/03/15. Suit­able for Ve­g­ans and Bronze medal win­ner in the De­canter World Wine Awards 2014.

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