Sweet treats for dads and grandads

Check out th­ese sweet treats for Fa­ther’s Day

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IT’s Fa­ther’s Day on Sun­day June 21 so why not show your dad the love with a home­made cake?

Th­ese recipes come cour­tesy of the Dr Oetker bak­ing in­gre­di­ents com­pany.

Choco­late Guin­ness Cake

Prepa­ra­tion and cooking time: 80 min­utes, slices: 8


125 g salted but­ter 125 ml Guin­ness 125 g self-rais­ing flour 40 g co­coa pow­der 2 ½ g Dr Oetker bi­car­bon­ate of soda (½ tsp) 125 g caster sugar 75 ml milk Egg beaten 5 ml Dr Oetker Mada­gas­can vanilla ex­tract (1 tsp) 50 g dark choco­late bro­ken into small pieces


Pre­heat the oven to 180°C, 160° Fan, Gas Mark 4. Line a 1kg loaf tin with grease­proof pa­per. Put the but­ter and Guin­ness in a saucepan over a low heat un­til the but­ter has melted Sift the flour, co­coa pow­der and Bi­car­bon­ate of Soda to­gether in a mix­ing bowl. Add the sugar, milk, egg, vanilla ex­tract, choco­late pieces and melted but­ter mix­ture and mix to­gether well. Spoon the mix­ture into the pre­pared loaf tin and bake in the pre­heated oven for 50 min­utes un­til risen and just firm to touch. A skewer or cock­tail stick in­serted into the mid­dle of the cake should come out clean. Leave to cool for 10 min­utes, then care­fully re­move from the tin. It is de­li­cious served warm as a dessert with a choco­late sauce

Car­rot Cake

Prepa­ra­tion and cooking time: 40 min­sutes, serv­ings:10-12


For the cake: 175 g self-rais­ing flour (6 oz) Dr Oetker Bi­car­bon­ate of Soda Sa­chet (1 tsp) Dr Oetker Bak­ing Pow­der Sa­chet (1 tsp) 5g ground cin­na­mon (1 tsp) 2g ground nut­meg (½ tsp) 75g caster sugar (oz) 3x medium eggs 150ml olive oil (5 fl.oz) 175g car­rots (6 oz) grated 50g sul­tanas (2 oz) 50g wal­nuts (2 oz) chopped, plus ex­tra for dec­o­rat­ing

For the fill­ing: 110g cream cheese (4 oz) 110g but­ter (4 oz) 450g ic­ing sugar (1lb) 5ml Dr Oetker Mada­gas­can vanilla ex­tract (1 tsp) 15 ml milk (1 tbsp)


Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4 and grease and line a 20cm (8-inch) loose bot­tomed cake tin. In a large bowl, sieve to­gether the

flour, bi­car­bon­ate of soda, bak­ing pow­der, spices and sugar. Com­bine the eggs with the oil and add to the dry in­gre­di­ent. Beat un­til smooth. Add the car­rots, sul­tanas and chopped

nuts and mix well. Pour into the tin and bake for ap­prox.

55 min­utes un­til firm to the touch. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 min­utes

then trans­fer to a wire rack. To make the fill­ing, put the cream cheese and but­ter into a large bowl and beat un­til smooth. Add the vanilla ex­tract and the milk then grad­u­ally beat in the ic­ing sugar. When the cake has cooled com­pletely, cut in half and sand­wich to­gether with half the fill­ing. Spread re­main­ing fill­ing on top. Add the re­main­ing wal­nut halves to dec­o­rate.

Whisky and Wal­nut Cakes

Prepa­ra­tion and cooking time: 80 min­utes, por­tions: 6


For the cakes: 200 g plain flour (7 oz) Dr Oetker bak­ing pow­der sa­chets x 2

(2 tsp) 100 g wal­nuts (3 ½ oz) ground 175 g caster sugar (6 oz)

Large eggs x 2 beaten 125 g un­salted but­ter (4 ½ oz) melted 90 ml whisky (6 tbsp) 45 ml whole milk (3 tbsp) To dec­o­rate: 125 g Dr Oetker Fine Cooks’ 72%

ex­tra dark choco­late (4 ½ oz) 40 g un­salted but­ter (1 ½ oz) 6 por­tions wal­nut halves


Pre­heat the oven to 180°C (160°C Fan, Gas Mark 4). Lightly grease 6 mini loaf tins and ar­range on a bak­ing tray. Sift flour and bak­ing pow­der into a mix­ing bowl, and stir in the ground wal­nuts and 100g (3 ½ oz) sugar. Make a well in the cen­tre. Grad­u­ally mix in the eggs, melted but­ter, 45ml (3tbsp) whisky and the milk un­til to form a well blended, thick bat­ter. Divide the mix­ture be­tween the loaf tins, smooth the tops and bake in the oven for about 20 min­utes, un­til risen, firm to the touch and lightly golden. While the cakes are cooking, put the re­main­ing sugar in a small saucepan with 45ml (3 tbsp) wa­ter. Heat gen­tly, stir­ring un­til dis­solved, then bring to the boil and cook for 3-4 min­utes un­til slightly syrupy. Re­move from the heat and stir in the re­main­ing whisky. Once the cakes are cooked, skewer each one a few times and spoon over the hot whisky syrup. Leave to cool com­pletely in the tins. To dec­o­rate, turn the cakes out of the tins and place on a wire rack over a board or plate. Break the choco­late into a small, heavy bot­tomed saucepan. Add the but­ter and 15ml (1 tbsp) wa­ter. Heat very gen­tly, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til melted to­gether and smooth. Re­move from the heat and set aside for a few min­utes un­til the mix­ture is of a thick, coat­ing con­sis­tency. Care­fully spoon the choco­late ic­ing over the tops of the cakes al­low­ing it to drip down the sides. Place a wal­nut half in the cen­tre of each and leave to stand in a cool place for sev­eral min­utes to al­low the ic­ing to set. Your cakes are now ready to serve and en­joy!

Guin­ness Cake

Car­rot Cake

Whiskey and Wal­nut Cakes make a treat with a dif­fer­ence for dads

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