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fry­ing ei­ther - “ev­ery chef’s pro­gramme, they wheel in this ma­chine, but at home, you do it on the cooker and it’s dan­ger­ous” - b ut she gets her fill of chips when she goes out (“usu­ally other peo­ple’s”), and cooks oven chips at home for her five grand­chil­dren when they visit, which makes her own chil­dren ad­mon­ish her with an “Oh Granny!”.

Her grand­chil­dren ap­pear in the BBC Two se­ries, Mary Berry’s Ab­so­lute Favourites. Her 12-year-old twin grand­daugh­ters, Abby and Grace, make bis­cuits, while her grand­sons are put to work on a pasta bake.

“I’ve learned you don’t have two stir­ring at the same time! I gave them their own jobs, I said, ‘You make sauce, you cook the pasta’, so they’re sep­a­rate, be­cause boys will be boys!”

Food and fam­ily have al­ways gone to­gether for Berry, who mar­ried hus­band Paul in 1966 and had three chil­dren, Thomas, Annabel and Wil­liam, who sadly died when he was just 19.

“I’m very lucky to have fam­ily and there’s noth­ing bet­ter than cook­ing with chil­dren – there’s no hap­pier way of keep­ing chil­dren amused than teach­ing them,” she says. “Our grand­chil­dren can all use knives, they can all use a potato peeler to do Parme­san and things like that. If you teach them the right way, that’s much bet­ter than say­ing you can’t use a knife, isn’t it?”

For all her TV suc­cess over the years, in­clud­ing most re­cently with The Great Bri­tish Bake Off, Berry still likes to think of her­self as a “fam­ily cook, with all the prob­lems that ev­ery­one else has”.

“I’ve had fail­ures – I’ve used salt in­stead of sugar, I’ve had cakes go­ing down in the mid­dle, but that’s good, be­cause then we can com­mis­er­ate!”

As for her ab­so­lute favourite meal, she loves noth­ing more than a nice

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