A rave re­view – but no rev­e­la­tions here

The multi-award win­ning ac­knowl­edged master of psy­cho­log­i­cal il­lu­sion Der­ren Brown has stopped off in Bucks with his new show Mir­a­cle this week. CAMILLA GOOD­MAN re­views the show

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IHAVE al­ways been ab­so­lutely fas­ci­nated by Der­ren Brown, so when I heard he was bring­ing his new show to Bucks I jumped at the chance to go along. I have only ever seen Der­ren and his mind-blow­ing tal­ents on tele­vi­sion, so I was re­ally ex­cited to ex­pe­ri­ence a live show at Ayles­bury Water­side Theatre.

Der­ren asked the au­di­ence to keep the con­tents of the show a se­cret, which I to­tally agree with, but blimey has it made my job of re­view­ing it a lot harder!

Be­fore the show stopped off in Bucks, Der­ren told us that Mir­a­cle ‘has a more philo­soph­i­cal flavour, and looks at ways of think­ing that might make us hap­pier.’ He also de­scribed it as ‘the bold­est, most con­tentious show yet,’ and I have to agree.

As I’m sure many of you know, Der­ren’s shows use a lot of au­di­ence par­tic­i­pa­tion for his tricks. They are usu­ally given a ‘free choice’ to se­lect some­thing like a num­ber, phrase or im­age only for it to be re­vealed that Der­ren had pre­dicted the an­swer be­fore the show. It is sim­ply un­be­liev­able, and I have three the­o­ries as to how he achieves this.

The first would be that the ran­domly se­lected au­di­ence mem­bers are stooges, surely they have to be, right? Wrong. The au­di­ence se­lec­tion is com­pletely ran­dom, I for one al­most ended up be­ing se­lected. Two, he uses so many of the au­di­ence mem­bers that cost wise, surely they can­not all be stooges. And three, through­out the show Der­ren con­stantly re­peats that he does not use stooges, and I be­lieve him.

This takes me to my sec­ond the­ory of how Der­ren is able to per­form these spell­bind­ing tricks. Lit­tle 11-year-old Der­ren got that let­ter we are all still wait­ing to be de­liv­ered by Owl Post and went to Hog­warts. I be­lieve he

was sorted into Huf­flepuff.

How­ever, as much as I truly want to be­lieve in Hog­warts and magic, I do not think this is the cor­rect an­swer ei­ther.

Which leaves us with my fi­nal the­ory, quite sim­ply Der­ren is a ge­nius.

He does what he does through years and years and years of prac­tice and fan­tas­tic show­man­ship. Der­ren owned the stage and had the au­di­ence eat­ing out of the palm of his hand.

With Der­ren’s shows, it re­ally is not a case of ‘hav­ing to see it to be­lieve it,’ be­cause I still can­not be­lieve what I saw be­cause it was so re­mark­able, but that all adds to the mys­tery and spec­ta­cle of the show.

You will leave the theatre with your jaw to the ground baf­fled, but you will also leave there happy. My boyfriend and I left the theatre beam­ing, we had a fan­tas­tic night, had a laugh and we saw some truly un­be­liev­able things.

Take my ad­vice and go and see Mir­a­cle, which is on tour up un­til 2016, I prom­ise you will not re­gret it.

For tour dates visit www. der­ren­brown.co.uk.

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