A word about con­trol­ling wee­vil grubs

this week: As sum­mer pro­gresses our gar­dens can be­come over­grown and un­tidy. Kathy Vi­vian sug­gests some jobs to keep it look­ing good

Buckinghamshire Advertiser - - GREEN SPACES - Green fin­gered? Tell us about your patch. Go to www.get­bucks.co.uk/youtel­lus Kathy Vi­vian is a lo­cal gar­den de­signer with an in­ter­est in gar­den­ing to at­tract ben­e­fi­cial wildlife. Read her blog on www. kathy­vi­vian­gar­den­de­sign.com or search for KathyViv­gar

VINE wee­vils are com­mon pests in the gar­den. If the leaves of your con­tainer plants have nib­bled edges, it may be adult vine wee­vils caus­ing the prob­lem. How­ever, it’s the vine wee­vil grubs that cause the most dam­age and can ac­tu­ally kill plants. They are hid­den in the soil and can cause se­ri­ous dam­age by eat­ing plant roots. The grubs are ac­tive in Au­gust, so if you have prob­lems with vine wee­vil, now is the time to treat af­fected con­tain­ers with a bi­o­log­i­cal con­trol. Ne­ma­todes are avail­ably that can be mixed with wa­ter and ap­plied to the com­post.

Au­gustAug is the last chance to prune hedges this sea­son. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly­par im­por­tant for ev ever­greens, as they can die-backd if cut later in the year.

Trim back any peren­ni­als thatth have flopped over. They willw pro­duce new growth and maym even flower again.

Trim off laven­der flower spikes af­ter flow­er­ing to keep plants com­pact. Cut about 2.5 cm (1 inch) into the new growth, but don’t cut down to the old wood.

Re­move dead flow­ers and leaves from bed­ding plants to keep them look­ing fresh and to en­cour­age more blooms.

The re­cent rain has led to more weed growth. Try to pull out the weeds be­fore they set seeds and spread around your gar­den.

Feed flow­er­ing and fruit­ing plants with a high-potas­sium fer­til­izer to en­cour­age the plants to keep pro­duc­ing buds. Liq­uid tomato feed is ideal for this. This type of fer­til­izer is also good for woody shrubs and trees in con­tain­ers as it helps to pro­duce tougher growth that sur­vives the win­ter bet­ter.

Give lawns a high phos­phate fer­til­izer in Au­gust as it pro­motes strong root growth.

Au­tumn bulbs, such as au­tumn cro­cus (Colchicum) and Ner­ine can be planted now.

Lace-cap hy­dran­greas (this one is Hy­drangea macro­phylla ‘Mariesii Lilacina’ are cov­ered in dainty flow­ers

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