Loose ponies rounded up on New Year’s Eve

Po­lice called in to help find the own­ers of an­i­mals found in lay-by

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Vil­lager Ian Con­very has lam­basted the own­ers for be­ing ‘heart­less’ but po­lice con­firmed the an­i­mals had not been aban­doned and were duly re­turned to their owner. Semi-re­tired Mr Con­very, who lives on Wheel­ers Or­chard, was one of the first to spot th­ese two eques­trian es­capees.

Mr Con­very, who said he had spo­ken to two po­lice­men over the in­ci­dent, said: “It ap­pears that in the very first few hours of this New Year af­ter mid­night, some heart­less peo­ple aban­doned two unkempt and mal­nour­ished black, brown and white ponies in Chal­font St Peter in a well se­cluded lay-by at the in­ter­sec­tion of Rick­mansworth Lane and the A413, near the Wagon and Horses Pub and the Esso/Tesco garage.

“The ponies it ap­pears were cast adrift and let loose in this se­cluded area next to the main high­way.”

Mr Con­very also said they were ‘cast away’ with­out any win­ter coats on.

He added: “By day­break on this first Jan­uary day sev­eral mem­bers of the pub­lic had called the Po­lice in as loose ponies by a main road is an ob­vi­ous haz­ard and dan­ger to peo­ple and the ponies them­selves.”

He added: “From the pat­tern of hooves left by the ponies it ap­pears the ponies might have been making their way home up to­wards Den­ham Lane/ Horne Hill but were de­layed by dark­ness and lots of lush grass. Ponies have a re­mark­able abil­ity to find their way home but also rarely pass up a chance to feed.”

“The poor po­lice­man gets up at 6 o’clock to do his duty and the last thing he thought he would be do­ing is run­ning around to chase th­ese ponies,” he said.

And he added: “Some­body has to deal with it, on New Year’s Eve. It’s really rot­ten to the po­lice, it’s a haz­ard to the pub­lic and I just find it very irk­some.”

A po­lice spokesper­son said: “We were called at 9.41am to Copthall Lane to re­ports of horses in the road near the Wagon and Horses Pub. Po­lice at­tended to get the an­i­mals safely un­der con­trol and at­tempt to lo­cate the owner. At around 1.45pm the owner came for­ward hav­ing re­alised the horses were miss­ing and they were re­turned.”

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