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THE list of Plan­ning Ap­pli­ca­tions Reg­is­tered Dur­ing The Week End­ing May 12.

Rep­re­sen­ta­tions should be made ei­ther in writ­ing to the Devel­op­ment Con­trol Man­ager, Chiltern District Coun­cil, King Ge­orge V Road, Amer­sham, Bucks, HP6 5AW or by e-mail to plan­ Your com­ments should be re­ceived be­fore June 3.


CH/2016/0480/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness re­lat­ing to a hipped to gabled roof al­ter­ation at 169 Wood­side Road for Mr Vince Keat­ing.

CH/2016/0756/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, sin­gle storey front en­trance, lobby ex­ten­sion at 5 Cedar Grove for Mr & Mrs Mark & Jenifer Hazel­ton.

CH/2016/0758/FA: Two storey front ex­ten­sion at 110 Quar­ren­don Road for Mr & Mrs G Goodridge.

CH/2016/0761/FA: Sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion at 2 Can­ter­bury Close for Mr & Mrs H Satho­tay.

CH/2016/0762/FA: First floor rear ex­ten­sion, rear con­ser­va­tory, two dou­ble garages at Shard­e­loes Farm, Cherry Lane for Mr Wil­liams.

CH/2016/0770/FA: Part sin­gle/part two storey rear ex­ten­sion, two storey front ex­ten­sion at Quaint Cot­tage, 38 First Av­enue for Mr & Mrs Pearce.

CH/2016/0767/FA: Cre­ation of ad­di­tional ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess, en­trance gates and pillars and cy­cle/ bin store to front at 60 Stan­ley Hill Av­enue for Mr & Mrs Ja­cobi.

CH/2016/0775/FA: Change of use from A2 (fi­nan­cial) to A3 (restau­rants and cafes), rear ex­ten­sion at 10 Sy­camore Road for Wes­sex Prop­erty Developments & Trad­ing Lim­ited.

CH/2016/0791/FA: Sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sion at 3 High­land Road for Mr Jeremy Grace.

CH/2016/0804/RM: 14.7m phase 4 mono­pole with equip­ment cabi­net at High­way Verge On Junc­tion Of Che­sham Road and Rick­mansworth Road for H3G and EE Lim­ited.


CH/2016/0771/FA: Sin­gle storey front and first floor side/rear ex­ten­sions, re­place­ment roof to rear ex­ten­sion at 45 St Leonards Road for Mr T Arnold.


CH/2016/0755/FA: New agri­cul­tural work­ers dwelling at Bai­ley Hill Farm, Amer­sham Road for Mr Jonathan Chapman.

CH/2016/0808/FA: Sin­gle storey side ex­ten­sion (amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2016/0270/FA) at 71 Nar­cot Lane for Mr Colin Quinn.


CH/2016/0773/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion at 2 Fran­chise Street for Mr & Mrs Sag­gers.

CH/2016/0774/SA: Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for de­tached sin­gle garage, cre­ation of new ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess at 142 Eskdale Av­enue for Mr Tom Burkitt.

CH/2016/0784/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, rear roof dormer struc­ture with bal­cony two at 233 Berkhamp­stead Road for Mr Mamil­ton.

CH/2016/0787/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion new ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess at 1 Black Horse Av­enue for Mr & Mrs Clive Larkin.

CH/2016/0810/FA: Re­place­ment sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, roof ex­ten­sion (amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2015/1582/FA) at 178 Sev­er­alls Av­enue for Mr and Mrs Ga­jia.

CH/2016/0807/FA: Sin­gle storey side/front ex­ten­sion at 4 Ly­crome Lane for Mr & Mrs P Thread­gold.


CH/2016/0768/FA: Two storey rear ex­ten­sion, rear roof dormer and two front rooflights at 31 Cherry Acre for Mr & Mrs An­drew Stocker.

CH/2016/0783/FA: Two storey side and sin­gle storey side/rear ex­ten­sions at 6 Robins Or­chard for Havenlove Lim­ited.

CH/2016/0794/SA: Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness re­lat­ing to sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion and garage con­ver­sion at 4 Elms Road for Mr Trevor Bar­rett.


CH/2016/0789/FA: Re­place­ment agri­cul­tural stor­age barn at Hay­will Farm, Che­sham Road, Belling­don, for Mrs Dawn Brit­nell.

CH/2016/0820/UA: Plan­ning ex­emp­tion for pro­posed works to over­head elec­tric­ity line at Lit­tle Ped­nor Farm, Ped­nor Top for Free­dom Group.


CH/2016/0203/FA: Change of use and ex­ten­sion of build­ing to use as a sin­gle dwelling (Ret­ro­spec­tive) at Wood­land Farm, Shire Lane for Mr & Mrs G El­liot.

CH/2016/0814/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion to re­place con­ser­va­tory at Old School House, Swan Lane for D Carlile & I Mor­ri­son.


CH/2016/0712/SA: Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness re­lat­ing to the widen­ing of an ex­ist­ing ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess at 29 St Mar­garets Grove for Mr Saba.

CH/2016/0741/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness re­lat­ing to the widen­ing of an ex­ist­ing ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess at 125 High Street for Mrs Abi­gail Wal­sham.

CH/2016/0772/FA: Re­place­ment sin­gle garage at Smil­ing Thro, Heath End Road for Mr C Pri­est­ley.

CH/2016/0780/FA: Part sin­gle/part two storey side ex­ten­sion, two sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sions, con­ver­sion of garage at 18 St Mar­garets Grove for Mr An­drew Grif­fiths.

CH/2016/0781/EU: Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness in re­la­tion to the ex­ten­sion of dropped kerb and drive­way (ret­ro­spec­tive) at 5 Tulk­ers Close for Mr David Ronksley.

CH/2016/0790/SA: Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness re­lat­ing to the in­ser­tion of rear roof dormer struc­ture, sin­gle front rooflight at 8 Graeme Av­enue for M An­drews.

CH/2016/0788/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion to dwelling sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion and con­ver­sion of garage at Horn­beam, Naird­wood Lane for Ms Thomas.

CH/2016/0855/FA: Sin­gle storey side rear ex­ten­sion (amend­ment to Plan­ning Per­mis­sion CH/2015/0875/FA) at 2 Stock­lands Way for Mr & Mrs R L’Esper­ance.


CH/2016/0786/FA: In­door swim­ming pool at Gar­den Cot­tage, La­timer Camp Road for Mr & Mrs Well­steed.

CH/2016/0818/UA: Ca­ble di­ver­sion works to in­clude re­moval of 6 spans of over­head ca­ble re­plac­ing with 225 me­tres of un­der­ground ca­ble at Open Land On Edge Of Wood­land, Ad­ja­cent To Junc­tion Of La­timer Road and Stoney Lane for Free­dom Group.


CH/2016/0785/FA: Two storey side ex­ten­sion, first floor rear ex­ten­sion, con­ver­sion of garage at Rose­mount, Bur­tons Lane for Mrs Jac­que­line Moir.

CH/2016/0793/FA: Sin­gle storey front ex­ten­sion and re­place­ment garage at In­stow, Bur­tons Way for Mr Roger Carey.

CH/2016/0795/FA: Part two storey part sin­gle storey front/side/rear ex­ten­sion and de­mo­li­tion of garage at 148 White Lion Road for Mr Beas­ant.


CH/2016/0736/FA: Sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, con­ver­sion of garage at 22 The Rosary for Mr & Mrs Ran­dall.

CH/2016/0749/FA: Part two storey part sin­gle storey side/rear ex­ten­sion at Wal­nut Cot­tage, Vil­lage Road for Mr & Mrs B Rose.

CH/2016/0776/FA: Sin­gle storey glass roofed ve­ran­dah to rear at Brae­side, Wee­don Hill for Su­san Reyn­ders.


CH/2016/0802/FA: First floor side ex­ten­sion, sin­gle storey front sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sions at 41 Hog­back Wood Road for S Davis.


CH/2016/0764/FA: Part sin­gle part two storey side/ rear ex­ten­sion and ex­ten­sion to front porch at 8 Seer Mead for Tanya Wil­liams.


CH/2016/0797/FA: Re­place­ment dwelling at Brun­sgreen, Swan Lane for Mr Tim Wans­brough.

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