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THE list of plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tions reg­is­tered with Chiltern District Coun­cil dur­ing the week end­ing July 7, 2016. Any per­son wish­ing to make rep­re­sen­ta­tions should do so in writ­ing to Devel­op­ment Man­age­ment by July 29, 2016 ei­ther by email to plan­ or by let­ter.


CH/2016/1165/OA: sub­di­vi­sion of plot to fa­cil­i­tate sep­a­rate dwelling. Or­chard End, Two Dells Lane for Mr & Mrs Steve and Pauline El­liott.


CH/2016/1129/FA: con­ver­sion of out­build­ing into one dwelling served by ac­cess onto The Broad­way. Land east of Whielden Street for Food­net Ltd.

CH/2016/1148/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for a pro­posed op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to an in­fill ex­ten­sion. West Rid­ing, 8 Clare Park for Mr Reed.

CH/2016/1157/FA: in­fill ex­ten­sion with re­place­ment roof to ex­ten­sion. 4 Belvedere Close for Mr & Mrs Kevin Tame.

CH/2016/1189/FA: ex­ten­sion for an­cil­lary re­tail stor­age use. 17 White Lion Road for Jack Nathan Lim­ited.


CH/2016/1172/FA: ex­ten­sions, in­ser­tion of roof lights in loft con­ver­sion, de­tached dou­ble garage with first floor ac­com­mo­da­tion. Stoke Wood House, Dead­hearn Lane for Mr & Mrs Lam­mogila.


CH/2016/1156/FA: Change of use of part of shope (Use Class A1) and of­fice/stor­age to res­i­den­tial flat (Use Class C3), win­dow al­ter­ations. 340 Berkhamp­stead Road for Mr S Akhtar.

CH/2016/1151/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for a pro­posed op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to a tim­ber gar­den out­build­ing with at­tached stor­age. 56 Ridge­way Road for Mrs Amanda Slack.

CH/2016/1161/FA: re­place­ment sin­gle storey front porch ex­ten­sion. 16 Cestre­ham Cres­cent for Mr & Mrs Red­i­can.

CH/2016/1167/FA: ex­ten­sion. 19 Rose Drive for Mr M Wal­lis.

CH/2016/1176/FA: de­tached two storey dwelling. Land to the rear of 26 to 30 Ham­p­den Av­enue for Hather­ley Stone Lim­ited.

CH/2016/1182/FA: de­tached build­ing com­pris­ing two duplex maisonettes, served by ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess. Plot ad­join­ing 53 Hiv­ings Hill for Mr Innes Gray.


CH/2016/0907/FA: rais­inf of roof to form gable end to front el­e­va­tion and re­lo­ca­tion of dormer win­dow and two re­place­ment first floor win­dows on side el­e­va­tion. Lin­wood, Lin­coln Road for Mr Mar­cus Stone.

CH/2016/1133/FA: re­place­ment dwelling. Ap­ple Garth, Chiltern Hill for Mr & Mrs Bar­rett.

CH/2016/1146/VRC: Vari­a­tion of con­di­tion 4 of plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2015/0482/FA to fa­cil­i­tate base­ment. Edger­ton, 40 Orchehill Av­enue for Mr & Mrs G Tresid­der.

CH/2016/1158/FA: ex­ten­sion. Gay­hurst, 4 Royle Close for Mr & Mrs Chris Goulty.

CH/2016/1159/FA: ex­ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing three front roof dorm­ers and four rear roof lights to fa­cil­i­tate hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in roof space. 36 Foxdell Way for Miss L Pod­more.

CH/2016/1162/FA: ex­ten­sions. The Gar­den House, Lewins Road for Mrs A Wind­sor.

CH/2016/1180/FA: ex­ten­sions. 35 Criss Grove for Mr & Mrs B Dum­mett.

CH/2016/1191/FA: ex­ten­sion, win­dow al­ter­ations. 1 Grange Fields for Mr Kevin Parkin­son.

CH/2016/1193/FA: in­creased roof ridge height front roof dormer win­dow side dormer con­struc­tion rear juliet bal­cony to fa­cil­i­tate first floor ac­com­mo­da­tion, ex­ten­sion. Arima, Sandy Rise for Mr Alan Lane.

CH/2016/1197/FA: ex­ten­sion. 12 Schol­ars Walk for Mr L Car­avotas.

CH/2016/1203/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for a pro­posed op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to ex­ten­sion. Ch­est­wood, 33 Che­sham Lane for Mr & Mrs Marchant.


CH/2016/1134/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for a pro­posed op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to the ex­ten­sion. Peter­ley Cor­ner Farm, Wy­combe Road for Cen­ter­piece In­ter­na­tional.

CH/2016/1135/SA: two out­build­ings. Peter­ley Cor­ner Farm, Wy­combe Road for Cen­ter­piece In­ter­na­tional.

CH/2016/1150/OA: de­mo­li­tion of bun­ga­low and erec­tion of a two-storey de­tached dwelling and two de­tached chalet bun­ga­lows. 33 Wy­come Road for Mrs Bar­rett.

CH/2016/1160/FA: ex­ten­sion in­clud­ing front porch canopy. Gradon, Heath End Road.

CH/2016/1166/FA: sub­di­vi­sion of plot and new sin­gle storey dwelling to rear of 1 White­field Lane, served by new ve­hic­u­lar and pedes­trian ac­cess from Back Lane. 1 White­field Lane for Ms Char­lotte Cross­land.

CH/2016/1173/FA: ex­ten­sion. 8 Rood Wood Way for Mr Nick Hardy.


CH/2016/1077/OA: Hy­brid plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tion com­pris­ing: i) ap­pli­ca­tion for full plan­ning per­mis­sion for ex­ten­sions, ex­ten­sion to church build­ing, land­scap­ing and ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess: and ii) ap­pli­ca­tion for out­line plan­ning per­mis­sion for lay­out and ac­cess for devel­op­ment com­pris­ing of five houses and six flats with all other mat­ters re­served. St Ge­orges Church, White Lion Road for PCC St Ge­orge’s Church.

CH/2016/1127/FA: re­place­ment two-storey dwelling with sin­gle storey el­e­ments in­cor­po­rat­ing open car port, store/ work­shop/util­ity room and swim­ming pool. Brae­side, Bur­tons Lane for Ms Eleanor Bradley.

CH/2016/1215/FA: re­fur­bish­ment of Belle Court to cre­ate three ex­tra flats with in­creased roof height pitched to mansard with three front and four rear dormer win­dows to pro­vide third floor ac­com­mo­da­tion, ex­tra stair­case to rear, ex­ten­sions, garage re­moval to pro­vide ad­di­tional park­ing, as­so­ci­ated hard­stand­ing land­scap­ing. Belle Court, Bell Lane.


CH/2016/1187/FA: ex­ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing dou­ble garage, store, pool and leisure area. Cor­dons, Wind­sor Lane for Mr M Hughes.


CH/2016/0891/FA: out­build­ing, to fa­cil­i­tate gym store and chang­ing room (ret­ro­spec­tive). Lit­tle Mead, 12 Wood­ch­ester Park for Mrs Sa­dia Hus­sian.

CH/2016/1170/FA: ex­ten­sions, re­place roof tiles with slates. Brenva, 41 Eghams Wood Road for Han­nah B De­signs.

CH/2016/1175/FA: sub­di­vi­sion of plot and new de­tached dwelling with de­tached garage, as­so­ci­ated drive­way, park­ing and land­scap­ing. Cherry Or­chard Road, Forty Green Road.

CH/2016/1178/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for a pro­posed op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to ex­ten­sion. 42 Howe Drive for Mr & Mrs Ford.


CH/2016/1195/VRC: Vari­a­tion of con­di­tions 2, 5 and 6 of plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2013/0633/FA to al­low for ad­di­tional roof lights on main roof, roof tiles changed from clay to ter­ra­cotta tiles, al­ter­ations to ground floor and first floor win­dows, and ad­di­tion of roof lantern and chim­ney to ex­ten­sion (Ret­ro­spec­tive). 29 High­lands Road for Mr Ed­ward Spencer.


CH/2016/1171/FA: re­place­ment dwelling, de­tached garage out­build­ing. Mul­berry House, Ox­ford Street for Mr J Nor­ton.

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