Phizz whizzing travel ad­vice for Gi­ants and Hu­man Beans

Chiltern Rail of­fers some sen­si­ble ad­vice for all stops to Gi­ant Coun­try

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Sev­eral phiz-whizzing ‘gi­ant in­for­ma­tion’ posters for ‘Gi­ant Coun­try’ have been put up at Great Mis­senden Sta­tion.

The tongue-in-cheek posters give ad­vice to ‘hu­man beans’ and ‘gi­ants’ who are us­ing the sta­tion.

Posters in­clude in­for­ma­tion such as “Gi­ants should note that hu­man beans are not to be guz­zled.

“Our cafe has frob­scot­tle and Scum­did­dlyump­tious snacks for every­one – no swatch­scol­lop!” “Hu­man beans and gi­ants must en­sure they travel with a valid ticket to avoid be­ing bop­mug­gered or crodquin­kled,” “Please put glub­bage in the bind pro­vided.

“We don’t want the sta­tion to be­come uck­y­mucky,” “Thank you for us­ing Chiltern Rail­ways. We hope you have a hop­scotchy and whoop­sys­plunkers day,” and “Wel­come to Gi­ant Coun­try. Liv­ing here is like a golden phiz­zwiz­zard.”

Dis­ney’s The BFG, based on the novel of the same name by Roald Dahl, was re­leased in cin­e­mas on Fri­day (July 22).

Best Sup­port­ing Os­car-win­ner Ry­lance voices Friendly Gi­ant.

Roald Dahl, who would have been 100 this year, moved to Gipsy House in Great Mis­senden in 1954.

He lived in the vil­lage for 36 years un­til his death in 1990 and wrote all of his fa­mous chil­dren’s books, in­clud­ing The BFG, in a spe­cially built Writ­ing Hut Ac­tor Mark the Big in his gar­den.

In 2005, The Roald Dahl Mu­seum in High Street opened.

The shad­owy fig­ure of the Big Friendly Gi­ant is vis­i­ble on the mu­seum’s wall out­side.

The BFG was writ­ten in 1982.

The idea for the story had be­gun sev­eral years be­fore, with a sen­tence scrib­bled in one of Roald Dahl’s Ideas Books – ex­er­cise books he used to write down some of the thoughts that came to him and were some­times later turned into sto­ries.

The idea of a gi­ant who cap­tured dreams and kept them in bot­tles for chil­dren to en­joy while they were asleep was one Roald had been think­ing about for some time.

In Danny the Cham­pion of the World, he was the char­ac­ter in a bed­time story Danny’s fa­ther told him.

And Roald had even told the story of The Big Friendly Gi­ant to his own chil­dren, climb­ing up on a lad­der out­side his daugh­ters’ bed­room and us­ing a bam­boo cane to pre­tend to blow happy dreams in through their win­dow.

In The BFG, the dreamhunt­ing gi­ant takes or­phan So­phie – named after Roald’s first grand­child – back to his cave in Gi­ant Coun­try, where he lives sur­rounded by nine other fear­some gi­ants who spend ev­ery night guz­zling down hu­mans.

Or, as the gi­ants call them, hu­man beans.

The BFG speaks in quite a turned-around way, but we al­ways un­der­stand him.

His lan­guage is called gob­ble­funk.

Roald wrote down a whole list of words The BFG might use, in­clud­ing “whoppsy-whif­fling” and “squeakpip.”

This list of words and the Ideas Books are now housed in the Roald Dahl Mu­seum in Great Mis­senden – and the mu­seum is also just down the road from a house that in­spired the or­phan­age The BFG snatches So­phie from in the story.

Of all his sto­ries, Roald Dahl said that The BFG was prob­a­bly his own favourite.

The BFG is re­leased in cin­e­mas this week

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