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ON Satur­day, Au­gust 6 my wife and I were go­ing to Lon­don by train and I picked up a copy of the Metro news­pa­per from the pile in the rack out­side Che­sham sta­tion to take with us.

When I opened it, out fell a small piece of pa­per about 4in x 2in, which had been care­fully in­serted. This I found to be a pho­to­copied re­li­gious tract en­ti­tled “Be­yond and Back,” de­scrib­ing the pain and hor­rors of hell fire await­ing the reader.

I was not amused and thought that some peo­ple could have been very dis­turbed by it.

I won­dered how it had got there and whether I was the only re­cip­i­ent or if it had been planted in all of the copies at Che­sham sta­tion, or even more widely dis­trib­uted?

I have writ­ten to the Metro pub­lish­ers in case it had been done by an in­sider, though I doubt that.

As a Chris­tian, I re­ject this sort of shock mes­sag­ing which is cow­ardly, of­fen­sive and at best coun­ter­pro­duc­tive.

The writer seemed to be rel­ish­ing the prospect of eter­nal suf­fer­ing for the reader whom he/she ad­dressed as “Dear friend” and in­cluded noth­ing about God’s love as shown in Je­sus and the mes­sage of Christ­mas and Easter, which makes me think that it did not come from a nom­i­nally Chris­tian source at all.

If any­one else en­coun­tered this item or could iden­tify the per­pe­tra­tor and help pre­vent the of­fence be­ing re­peated, it would be good.

The name Mau­rice S. Rawl­ings M.D. was given at the top in minis­cule print, though he may not be the au­thor or the dis­trib­u­tor.

Who­ever it is, per­haps he/she would do the hon­ourable thing and come for­ward with an apol­ogy, though I think it likely that the place he/she feels so keenly about would have frozen over first.”

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