This is a list of plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tions reg­is­tered with South Bucks Dis­trict Coun­cil dur­ing the week ended Oc­to­ber 14.

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16/01883/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 21 Heath Road for Mr Kam Saran. 16/01904/FUL: Change of Use of land to res­i­den­tial at 1 Walk­wood Rise for Mr R Shukla.

16/01893/FUL: new triple garage at Bradgate, Long­bot­tom Lane for Mr Johnny Gray. 16/01912/RVC: Vari­a­tion of Con­di­ti­ion 4 of Plan­ning Per­mis­sion 14/00761/FUL to re­duce the ex­tent of ob­scure glaz­ing at first floor level at 6 Wood­side Road for Mr and Mrs Hammond Ma­son.

16/01867/FUL: front porch and ex­ten­sion at 42 Heath Road for Mr A Ma­lik.

16/01874/FUL: ex­ten­sions at 22 Wat­tle­ton Road for Mr and Mrs Phe­lan.

16/01905/FUL: ex­ten­sion and con­ver­sion of in­te­gral garage to hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion at 74 Can­dle­mas Lane for Ms S Adams.

16/01901/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 1 Mul­berry Court, Wind­sor End for Mr and Mrs R Davies.

16/01915/FUL: de­tached bun­ga­low and garage at land ad­ja­cent to Meadow End, 24A Wat­tle­ton Road for Mr Peter War­ren.

16/01925/FUL: front porch and ex­ten­sion at 27 Amer­shm Road for Mr and Mrs Bruce. 16/01930/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 28 Ayles­bury End for Mr D How­ells.

16/01931/LBC: Listed Build­ing Ap­pli­ca­tioon for ex­ten­sion at 28 Ayles­bury End for Mr D How­ells.


16/01863/FUL: two storey de­tached dwelling with in­te­gral garage at land ad­join­ing 1 Shen­stone Drive for Mr In­der­jit Singh Dhillon.

16/01884/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 35A Tock­ley Road for Mr T White­horn.

16/01886/CLOPED: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful- ness for pro­posed out­build­ing at Acorns, Hawthorn Lane for Mr Howard Reay.

16/01896/FUL: ex­ten­sions in­cor­po­rat­ing rear juliette bal­cony and front dorm­ers and con­struc­tion of a de­tached garage (Amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/00188/FUL) at 98 Drop­more Road for Mr and Mrs L Hill.

16/01876/FUL: ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess at 24 East­field Road for Mrs F Dunne.

16/01891/FUL: ex­ten­sion and repo­si­tion­ing of gar­den wall at 1 Shore­ham Rise at Mr J Hillen.


16/01781/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 9 Den­ham Green Close for Mr and Mrs God­dard.

16/01858/FUL: first floor in­cor­po­rat­ing two res­i­den­tial units. Part change of use from ground floor A3 to part res­i­den­tial and part A1 at 32 Ox­ford Road for Mr Ka­mal Arora.

16/01887/FUL: de­tached dou­ble garage at 1A Ford End for Mr Samini.

16/01856/FUL: con­ver­sion and ex­ten­sion of out­build­ing into self-con­tained dwelling and new ac­cess at 8 Field Road for Mr Jaime O’Hara.

16/01862/FUL: ex­ten­sion (Amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/01480/ FUL) at 30 Lower Road for Mr and Mrs M Magowan.


16/01870/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 4 Har­court Close for Mr and Mrs J Clif­ford.


16/01898/FUL: ex­ten­sion at The Birches, Cherry Tree Lane for Mr P Caraco.


16/01834/FUL: ex­ten­sions in­cor­po­rat­ing rear dormer at 39 The Up­lands for Mr B Bains.

16/01900/FUL: ex­ten­sions at 31 Birch­dale for Mr Bhard­waj.

16/01911/FUL: de­tached garage with first floor hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in­cor­po­rat­ing front dorm­ers at Knole House, 17 Hedger­ley Lane for Mr S Walia.

16/01864/FUL: in­fill ex­ten­sion at The Wyke, 16 Mar­sham Way for Mr Prosser.

16/01920/FUL: ex­ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing roof lantern at Gal­ley­wood, 18 East Com­mon for Mr and Mrs Gra­ham.


16/01800/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 8 Anslow Gar­dens for Mrs M Dhillon.

16/01888/CLOPED: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for pro­posed out­build­ing at 2 Oak End Drive for Mr and Mrs S Brown.

16/01913/FUL: ex­ten­sion at Maythorne Cot­tage, Pinewood Road for Mr Mahdi.

16/01919/FUL: re­place­ment dwelling at 41 Welles­ley Av­enue for c/o Mr P Seera.


16/01823/CLOPED: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for pro­posed ex­ten­sion at Oak House, Holly­bush Hill for Mr N Craker.

16/01848/FUL: ex­ten­sions at April Cot­tage, Fir Tree Av­enue for Mr Ab­bas Shams.

16/01861/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 20 Cleve­hurst Close for Mr J S Khaira.

16/01899/FUL: ex­ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing roof lanterns at 33 Vine Road for Mr and Mrs Clay.


16/01670/NMA: Non-ma­te­rial amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 15/00404/ FIL: to al­low an in­crease in depth of the ex­ten­sionat 1 Rose Cot­tage, Marsh Lane for Ms S Horne.


16/01771/FUL: de­tached dwelling with as­so­ci­ated ac­cess at land rear of Sun­nyview, Wexham Woods for Mr M Jas­sar.

16/01795/LBC: ret­ro­spec­tive Listed Build­ing Ap­pli­ca­tion for de­tached sum­mer­house at The Old Sta­bles, Lan­g­ley Park, Uxbridge Road for Mr Dave Ka­nis-Buck.

16/01794/FUL: ret­ro­spec­tive ap­plic­tion for de­tached sum­mer­house at The Old Sta­bles, Lan­g­ley Park, Uxbridge Road for Mr Dave Ka­nis-Buck.


AMER­SHAM CH/2016/1709/FA: ex­ten­sion to north west el­e­va­tion of Bai­ley Block at The Crown Ho­tel, 16 High Street for Old Amer­sham Ho­tels.

CH/2016/1791/AV: two non il­lu­mi­nated fas­cia signs at Se­cond Floor, Chal­font Court, Hill Av­enue for Blaser Mills.

CH/2016/1783/FA: in­stal­la­tion of flat roof over rear ex­ter­nal court­yard at 10 Sy­camore Road for Mag­net Lim­ited.

CH/2016/1864/FA: ex­ten­sions, front porch, al­ter­ations to side dormer and fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations at 4 Wes­tanley Av­enue for Mrs Vi­vian Cray.

CH/2016/1851/FA: ex­ten­sion at 52 Or­chard Lane for Mr and Mrs Wilkin­son.

CH/2016/1879/FA: de­tached garage at Toad Hall, 29 Cop­perkins Lane for Mr and Mrs G Love.

CH/2016/1891/FA: ex­ten­sions at 20 High­land Road for Mr Mark Tiz­zard.


CH/2016/1822/FA: sin­gle storey de­tached

garage at 2 the Barns, Great Green Street Farm, Green Street for Mr San­der Hout­braken.


CH/2016/1829/FA: change of use from church (D1) to ware­house and of­fice (B1/B8) at for­mer site of Devine Child of Prague Church, Dean­way for Mrs Su­san King.

CH/2016/1838/HB: re­moval of a chim­ney and in­ser­tion of 4 roof lights into roof above kitchen at Bowles Court, Three House­holds for Mr and Mrs G Price.

CH/2016/1821/AGN: por­tal framed ex­ten­sion to build­ing at Dib­den Hill Farm, Dib­den Hill for G H Gard­ner & Sons.


CH/2016/1834/FA: front porch canopy at 40 Up­per Bel­mont Road for Mr and Mrs Noble.

CH/2016/1842/FA: re­place­ment shopfront at White Hill Court, 1 Broad Street for Rob­sons (Amer­sham) LLP.

CH/2016/1843/AV: one ex­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated fas­cia sign, one in­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated hang­ing sign to shopfront at White Hill Court, 1 Broad Street for Rob­sons (Amer­sham) LLP.

CH/2016/1882/FA: con­ver­sion of garage to hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion at 42 Chilton Road for Mr Grant Walsh.


CH/2016/1839/FA: ex­ten­sions to re­place the sin­gle storey rear pro­jec­tion at Thatch Cot­tage, Mag­pie Lane for Mr and Mrs Har­ri­son.


CH/2016/1803/FA: ex­ten­sion and in­creased/ex­tended roof to fa­cil­i­tate first floor ac­com­mo­da­tion in­clud­ing two roof dorm­ers and two roof lights at 39 Lans­down Road for Mr Sonny Grover.

CH/2016/1836/FA: re­place­ment dwelling to front of plot and con­struc­tion of three dwellings to rear of No. 20, with new ac­cess road and as­so­ci­ated works at 20 Wheat­ley Way for Mr Alan Lan­gridge.

CH/2016/1837/FA: ex­ten­sions at 21 Wheat­ley Way for Mr Mark Prieg.

CH/2016/1847/FA: re­place­ment dwelling at Four Winds, 3 Copthall Corner for Mr and Mrs Ian Fryer.

CH/2016/1850/FA: de­mo­li­tion of dwelling and erec­tion of two semi-de­tached houses with in­te­gral garages at Orari, 32 Eleanor Road for Mr Wilkin­son.

CH/2016/1856/FA: ex­ten­sions at 14 Mead­owcroft for Mr James King.


CH/2016/1827/FA: re­de­vel­op­ment of site to pro­vide a res­i­den­tial care home (Use Class C2) with as­so­ci­ated lands­cap­ing and hard­stand­ing at land ad­ja­cent to Sax­e­way Busi­ness Cen­tre, Chartridge Lane for Berkley Care (Che­sham) Lim­ited.

CH/2016/1844/FA: re­place­ment dwelling at Braid Wood Cot­tage, Ash­eridge Road for D Wig­field.


CH/2016/1828/FA: ex­ten­sion, rear dormer struc­ture front roof light to fa­cil­i­tate hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in roof space at Rod­bor­ough, Green Lane for Ms Murray.

CH/2016/1859/FA: ex­ten­sion at Mal­lard Cot­tage, Moat Lane for Mrs Var­ley.

CH/2016/1861/FA: ex­ten­sions, new dormer win­dows and fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations at Pogles Cot­tage, Green­lands Lane for Mr and Mrs R Way­ment.

CH/2016/1877/SA: Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for the pro­posed con­ver­sion of part of garage to hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion, re­plac­ing one of the garage doors with win­dow and the in­stal­la­tion of two roof lights in front roof slope at 30 Lodge Lane for Mrs Tracy McKin­lay.


CH/2016/1872/VRC: Ap­pli­ca­tion to vary con­di­tion 1 of plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2008/0222/FA agri­cul­tural oc­cu­pancy con­di­tion at Rowan Tree Farm, Blackwell Hall Lane for Mr J Smith.


CH/2016/1840/FA: ex­ten­sion, widen­ing of dropped kerb and as­so­ci­ated hard­stand­ing at 108 West­wood Drive for Mr Mir­ren Man­dalia.

CH/2016/1854/FA: de­mo­li­tion of farm build­ings, re­moval of hard­stand­ing and erec­tion of two de­tached dwellings at Rowood Farm, Bur­tons Lane for Mr M Smyth.

CH/2016/1871/FA: con­ver­sion of garage into hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion, ex­ten­sions at Spen­nythorne, Cokes Lane for Ms S Sharma.

CH/2016/1760/EU: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for the re­ten­tion of the use of the land and build­ings as a com­mer­cial liv­ery in breach of Con­di­tion 1 of plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/1997/1184/FA and Con­di­tion 3 of plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/1999/1407/FA, and erec­tion of ex­ten­sion to main sta­ble build­ing for use as a sta­ble/store in con­nec­tion with the com­mer­cial liv­ery use at Af­fricks Farm, Watchet Lane for Ms J Dawes.


CH/2016/1852/FA: ex­ten­sion, linked ex­ten­sion and con­ver­sion of garage to hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion with flat to pitched re­place­ment roof, ex­ten­sions, front and rear dorm­ers to fa­cil­i­tate hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in roof­s­pace. at End­stead, Heath End Road for Mr Peter Glen.

CH/2016/1855/FA: garage con­ver­sion and ex­ten­sion at The Bound­ary, 45 Watchet Lane for Mr and Mrs Swain.


CH/2016/1823/VRC: Vari­a­tion of Con­di­tion 2 of plan­ning per­mis­sion CH/2016/0357/FA to en­able the build­ing to be ren­dered and have a slate roof at Cher­ry­tree Cot­tage, Fag­nall Lane for Mr Luke Wil­liams.

CH/2016/1833/FA: sub­di­vi­sion of plot with shared ac­cess, re­moval of garage, store and log shed, ex­tend sin­gle storey garage/games room to form a hab­it­able an­nexe (62b) an­cil­lary to main house no 62 to sub-di­vide the plot be­tween 62 and 62b at 62 Ha­zle­mere Road for Mr and Mrs Richard Hard­ing.

CH/2016/1867/SA: Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Law­ful­ness for a pro­posed op­er­a­tion re­lat­ing to ex­ten­sion at 3 Nether­wood Road for Mr and Mrs Les Davies.


CH/2016/1870/FA: de­mo­li­tion of side garage and front bay win­dow, ex­ten­sions and al­ter­ations to cre­ate a two storey dwelling, fen­es­tra­tion al­ter­ations in­clud­ing in­ser­tion of dormer win­dows and roof lights, and repo­si­tion­ing of ve­hi­cle cross­over and pro­vi­sion of ad­di­tional park­ing area at Caprice, 44 Howard Cres­cent for Mr and Mrs Bradley Hunter.

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