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This is a list of plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tions reg­is­tered with South Bucks Coun­cil dur­ing the week ended Jan­uary 20.


17/00056/FUL: ex­ten­sions at 73 Holt­spur Top Lane for Mr and Mrs C Hub­bard 17/00091/MBNOT: No­ti­fi­ca­tion un­der Class Q of Part 3 of Sched­ule 2 of the Town and Coun­try Plan­ning (Gen­eral Per­mit­ted Devel­op­ment) Or­der 2015 (as amended) for: Pro­posed Change of Use of Agri­cul­tural Build­ing to a dwelling­house (Use Class C3) at land south of Long­bot­tom Lane and east of Amer­sham Road for Lear­mount Cas­tle De­vel­op­ments Ltd.

17/00093/ADJ: ex­ten­sion (CH/2017/0039/FA) at 15 Eghams Wood Road for Chiltern Dis­trict Coun­cil.

17/00104/NMA: Non Ma­te­rial Amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/00911/FUL to al­low changes to the roof and al­ter­ations to win­dows at 124 Gre­gories Road for Mrs Nina Gag­giano.

17/00099/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 22 Maxwell Road for Jeremy Bull.

17/00084/NMA: Non Ma­te­rial Amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/01519/FUL to al­low for mi­nor al­ter­ations to rear doors and win­dow at 54 London End for Burn­ham Nom­i­nees Lim­ited.

17/00117/NMA: Non Ma­te­rial Amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/01893/FUL to al­low: part garage con­ver­sion to hab­it­able ac­com­mo­da­tion in­cor­po­rat­ing in­ser­tion of roof lights at Bradgate, Long­bot­tom Lane for Mr Johnny Gray.

17/00126/RVC: Vari­a­tion of Con­di­tion 13 of Plan­ning Per­mis­sion 15/01158/FUL to al­low change to word­ing of con­di­tion to read “The first oc­cu­pa­tion shall not take place un­til ....” at 18 Reynolds Road for Mr T Ol­lis.


17/00083/FUL: ex­ten­sions (amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/02117/FUL) at 33 Grenville Close for Mr and Mrs Navdeep Chag­gar.

17/ 00098/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 108 The Fair­way for Mr Gurper­nam Dhari­wal.

17/ 00071/RVC: Vari­a­tion of Con­di­tion num­ber 2 Plan­ning Per­mis­sion 16/01128/ FUL to al­low ad­di­tion of two rear dorm­ers, re­moval of side dormer, al­ter­ations to roof, fen­es­tra­tion and balustrade to frame­less glass at Mal­lards, Com­mon Lane for Mr and Mrs John Frost.

17/ 00111/FUL: de­tached dwelling­house at Michaels Mount, 50 Hog­fair Lane for Mr Shorne Til­bey.


17/00045/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 86D Lower Road for Mrs Tri­cia Cross­ley.

17/00012/FUL: ex­ten­sions at 40 Nightin­gale Way for Mr A Wheeler.

17/00053/GPDE: No­ti­fi­ca­tion un­der The Town and Coun­try Plan­ning (gen­eral per­mit­ted devel­op­ment) Or­der 2015 Part 1 of Sched­ule 2 Class A 4 for ex­ten­sion (di­men­sions 8m, 2.6m, 2.6m) at Bien Venue, Den­ham Av­enue for Mr D Chadha.


17/00066/FUL: ex­ten­sions at 41 Har­court Road for Mr and Mrs Scott.


16/02239/FUL: front porch, ex­ten­sion and roof ex­ten­sion (amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 14/02408/ FUL) at Beeches End, Beeches Drive for Mr W Levy. 17/00087/ FUL: three de­tached dwelling­houses with garages and al­ter­ations to ac­cess at Farm Cot­tage, Collinswood Road for Mr and Mrs Graze­brook. 17/00082/FUL: de­tached dwelling­house at Pin­field, One Pin Lane for Mr and Mrs Holmes.


17/00018/FUL: re­place­ment house in­cor­po­rat­ing in­te­gral garage at 60 High Beeches for Mr and Mrs Smith.

17/00031/FUL: ex­ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing dormer and ex­ten­sion at Wild­wood, 10 Wood­lands Close for Mr S Galvin

17/00054/FUL: ex­ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing rear bal­cony and win­dow al­ter­ations at Dukes Wood, Oxford Road for Mr and Mrs M Fo­faria.

17/00024/FUL: con­ver­sion of garage into a hab­it­able room at 2 Ort­man Close for Mr Sa­j­jad A

17/00101/FUL: front porch, ex­ten­sions, roof al­ter­ations with rear dorm­ers at 39 The Up­lands for Mr B Bains. 17/00113/RVC: Vari­a­tion of con­di­tions 1 of plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/01183/RVC: To al­low ap­proved draw­ings SL9 7EF - 027 to be re­placed by 2061/FUL/110 at 48 Ful­mer Drive for Mr Maxwell.

17/00072/FUL: ex­ten­sions. Loft con­ver­sion with two rear fac­ing dormer win­dows and roof lights. Al­ter­ations to bound­ary fenc­ing and wall (re­newal of plan­ning per­mis­sion 14/00599/FUL) at 19 Wood­bank Av­enue for Mr Laks Khangura.


17/00074/FUL: out­build­ing and out­door swim­ming pool with as­so­ci­ated hard and soft land­scap­ing at The Manor, Wapseys Lane for Mr B Thorpe.


17/00006/FUL: front porch ex­ten­sions to roof in­cor­po­rat­ing front and rear dorm­ers. Front bound­ary wall and gates at 34 Syke Cluan for Mr J Kand.

17/00035/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 31 Che­quers Or­chard for Mr and Mrs J Araguez.

17/00081/FUL: ex­ten­sion and con­ver­sion of garage at 36 Welles­ley Av­enue for Mr and Mrs Kight­ley.

17/00034/CLOPED: Law­ful Devel­op­ment Cer­tifi­cate for Pro­posed Use for con­ver­sion of garage into hab­it­able room at 207 The Park­way for Mr Neves.

16/02276/FUL: ex­ten­sion at 52 Lan­g­ley Park Road for Mr In­der Kalsi.

17/00119/FUL: in­stal­la­tion of a 30m high lat­tice tower to ac­com­mo­date four 600mm di­am­e­ter dishes and one small ra­dio cabi­net (1200mm x 600mm x 600mm) with se­cure com­pound for the London Stock Ex­change Plc at Wood Lane Farm, Wood Lane for Mr An­drew Bai­ley.


17/00097/FUL: con­ver­sion of barn and out­build­ings to dwelling to­gether with first floor ex­ten­sion to barn. Con­struc­tion of sta­bles/ stor­age build­ings at High Farm, Duffield Lane for Mrs J Tar­rant.


17/00076/RVC: Vari­a­tion of Con­di­tion 2 of Plan­ning Per­mis­sion 14/01198/FUL to al­low in­crease in ridge height of the ap­proved garage at 5 Grange­wood for Mrs H Singh.

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