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This is a list of plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tions reg­is­tered with South Bucks Coun­cil dur­ing the week ended Jan­uary 27.


17/00057/FUL – ex­ten­sions at 54 But­lers Court Road for Mr M. N. Hoy.

17/00115/FUL – ex­ten­sion, and pitch roof over rear flat roof at 96 Holt­spur Top Lane for Mr and Mrs K Jo­hal.

17/00123/FUL – de­tached dwelling with base­ment at Corner Cot­tage, 45 Strat­ton Road for Anil Nan­dan Walia and Su­man­deep Kau.

17/00014/FUL – ex-

ten­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing loft con­ver­sion at 16 Wat­tle­ton Road for Mr and Mrs Mogg.

17/00139/FUL – bound­ary wall and rail­ings at South­ways, Burkes Cres­cent for Mr E Clare.

16/02446/FUL – two front dorm­ers at 26 Cale­don Road for Mr and Mrs M Martin.

16/02307/FUL – Change of use from (A1) Shop to (A3) Restau­rant at 15B Penn Road for 3 River Prop­erty In­vest­ment.


17/00077/FUL – ex­ten­sion and roof ex­ten­sions at 9 Hamil­ton Gar­dens for Mr R Fursten­heim.

17/00141/FUL – ex­ten­sion to cre­ate two ad­di­tional apart­ments at 21 Lin­coln Hatch Lane for Mr Ed­ward Han­cock.

17/00068/FUL – two de­tached dwellings at land rear of 50 Hog­fair Lane for Mr Shorne Til­bey.

17/00118/FUL – porch, ex­ten­sion at 82 Nurs­ery Road for Mr and Mrs Will­cox.

17/00148/FUL – de­tached dwelling at land ad­ja­cent to 1 Shen­stone Drive for Mr In­der­jit Dhillon.

17/00137/FUL – ex­ten­sion and ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess with as­so­ci­ated hard­stand­ing at 4 Bing­ham Road for Mrs Sharon Hol­land.


17/00100/FUL – ex­ten­sions at 9 Denham Way for c/o Mrs L Dias. 17/00138/CLOPED – Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Law­ful De­vel­op­ment Cer­tifi­cate for Pro­posed use: out­build­ing at 9 Denham Way for Mr R Thet­ford.

17/00090/FUL – ac­cess road onto Denham Court Road from the Anoopam Mis­sion at Anoopam Mis­sion, Brah­ma­jy­oti, The Lea, Western Av­enue for Anoopam Mis­sion.

17/00151/FUL – re­place­ment club­house, boat store and as­so­ci­ated fa­cil­i­ties at Denham Water­ski Club, North Or­bital Road for Mr Robin Allen.

17/00152/FUL – re­place­ment de­tached dwelling­house at Wood­side Reach, Red­hill for Mr Vince Clifford.

17/00109/FUL – re­place­ment dwelling at 8 Field Road for Mr Jaime O’Hara.


17/00154/GPDE – No­ti­fi­ca­tion un­der The Town and Coun­try Plan­ning (Gen­eral Per­mit­ted De­vel­op­ment) Or­der 2015, Part 1 of Sched­ule 2 Class A 4 for ex­ten­sions (di­men­sions D 7m, MH 3.1m, EH 2.3m) at 21 Har­court Road for Mrs S Shaw.


17/00092/FUL – ex­ten­sion and con­ver­sion of garage at Duror, Scot­lands Drive for Mr and Mrs Martin Stephen­son.

17/00073/FUL – al­ter­ations to front and rear dorm­ers at Caris­brooke, Crown Lane for Mr and Mrs Lemon.

17/00089/FUL – porch, ex­ten­sion and al­ter­ations to roof at 52 Mayflower Way for Mr and Mrs Karen and Si­mon Bishop.


17/00133/FUL – ex­ten­sion at Gar­den Reach, 34 Mill Lane for Mr Keith Deane.

17/00085/NMA – Non Ma­te­rial Amend­ment to plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/01695/FUL to al­low the repo­si­tion­ing of side win­dow at 26 Dukes Wood Av­enue for Mr and Mrs Bod­kin.

17/00110/FUL – ex­ten­sions to con­vert chalet bun­ga­low into dwelling­house with ac­com­mo­da­tion in roof in­cor­po­rat­ing rear dorm­ers at Vic­to­ria Cot­tage, Bull Lane for Mr Stephen Mckenna.

17/00136/ RVC – Vari­a­tion of con­di­tions 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Plan­ning Per­mis­sion 15/01275/FUL to al­low amended draw­ings. Ap­pear­ance of the build­ings and im­prove­ments to the in­ter­nal ar­range­ment of the apart­ments. To amend the ap­proved draw­ing num­bers: MH PA 04 Rev D, MH PA 01 Rev E, MH PA 02 Rev F, MH PA 03 Rev F at Mis­bourne House, 31 Oak End Way for Mr Nick Kebbell.

17/00129/FUL – re­place­ment de­tached dwelling­house to­gether with land­scap­ing and ma­te­ri­als at White Gables, 27 Manor Lane for Mr S Pand­her.

17/00131/FUL – ex­ten­sion at 21 The Up­lands for Mr and Mrs SEth.


17/00108/FUL – glazed cover over swim­ming pool at Navarone, Wood Lane for Mr B S Khurl.

17/00124/CLOPED – Ap­pli­ca­tion for a law­ful De­vel­op­ment Cer­tifi­cate for Pro­posed use: con­ver­sion of garage into a hab­it­able room at 22 Copse Wood for c/o Mr Mark Sea­grove.

17/00125/CLOPED – Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Law­ful De­vel­op­ment Cer­tifi­cate for Pro­posed use: out­build­ing at Lit­tle­bury, Wood Lane for Mr Hardeep and Man­deep Sun­der.

17/00158/FUL – ex­ten­sion at 49 Syke Ings for Mr Pavin­der Singh Samra.

17/00164/GPDE – No­ti­fi­ca­tion un­der The Town and Coun­try Plan­ning (Gen­eral Per­mit­ted De­vel­op­ment) Or­der 2015 Part 1 of Sched­ule 2 Class A 4 for ex­ten­sion (di­men­sions D 8m, MH 3.95, EH 2.5m) at 115 Thor­ney Mill Road for G Goswami.

17/00130/FUL – ex­ten­sions at 315 The Park­way for Mr and Mrs Darvill.

17/00145/FUL – ex­ten­sions, loft con­ver­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing rear dorm­ers. Out­build­ing to rear at 22 Welles­ley AV­enue for Mr P Sandhu.

17/00161/LBC – Listed Build­ing Ap­pli­ca­tion for pro­posed: var­i­ous in­ter­nal al­ter­ations at 3 Iver Lodge for Dr and Mrs C Jor­dan.

17/00166/FUL – loft con­ver­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing rear dormer at 72 Syke Ings for An­thony McCar­ron.


17/00070/FUL – tem­po­rary use for the use of 400 car park­ing spa­ces (cur­rently 300 spa­ces) for staff (Ex­ten­sion of Tem­po­rary Plan­ning Per­mis­sion 14/02454/ FUL) at The Park, Wex­ham Road for c/o Dr. Bob Newell.

17/00155/CLOPED – Ap­pli­ca­tion for a Law­ful De­vel­op­ment Cer­tifi­cate for Pro­posed use: loft con­ver­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing front roof lights and rear dormer at 37 Bunby Road for Mr S Quartey.

17/00168/FUL – re­place­ment de­tached dwelling, de­tached garage and con­struc­tion of ve­hic­u­lar ac­cess. (Amend­ment to that ap­proved un­der Plan­ning Per­mis­sion 14/01853/FUL) at West End Cot­tage, West End Lane for Mr D Crisp.

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