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AS THOSE aged 45-65 are en­cour­aged to have more al­co­hol-free days, here are the ad­van­tages of do­ing so...


MANY of us think a quick Ir­ish cof­fee be­fore bed or a sooth­ing glass of red will help us get to sleep, but no. Drink­ing be­fore bed is ac­tu­ally far more likely to lead to disor­dered sleep­ing pat­terns and in­ter­rupted kip. 2 YOU MAY FEEL MORE EN­ER­GETIC

MORE sleep = more en­ergy, and wak­ing with­out a hang­over means start­ing the day feel­ing buoy­ant rather than slug­gish, nau­seous and foggy-headed. 3 ...AND HAP­PIER AS A RE­SULT

IF YOU’RE sleep­ing bet­ter and feel­ing more en­er­getic, you’re go­ing to be in a bet­ter po­si­tion to do the things that make you happy, and do them well.

Also, al­co­hol is a de­pres­sant – with­out it float­ing around in your sys­tem, you should feel lighter and gen­er­ally more pos­i­tive. 4 IT COULD HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT

WHEN down­ing a pint is equiv­a­lent to scoff­ing a slice of pizza, and a large glass of red amounts to eat­ing a 40g bar of choco­late, you can see how go­ing al­co­hol-free a few nights a week could help slim your waist­line. 5 YOU’LL RE­DUCE YOUR CHANCES OF HAV­ING HEART PROB­LEMS HEAVY drink­ing can have a ma­jor im­pact on your heart. Re­duc­ing your in­take means be­ing less at risk of high blood pres­sure – a ma­jor risk fac­tor when it comes to a heart at­tack or stroke.

While some re­search sug­gests a glass of red can be good for your heart, over­all, ex­ces­sive al­co­hol con­sump­tion is likely to weaken the heart mus­cle. 6 YOU’LL DIS­TANCE YOUR­SELF FROM LIVER DIS­EASE EX­CES­SIVE drink­ing puts a lot of pres­sure on your liver and can lead to cir­rho­sis of the or­gan and scar­ring, which can in turn lead to liver can­cer. 7 YOU’LL HELP TO CUT CHANCES OF DE­VEL­OP­ING CER­TAIN CAN­CERS IN­CLUD­ING liver can­cer, Drinkaware note that al­co­hol has been “iden­ti­fied as a con­trib­u­tory fac­tor for seven types of can­cer.”

The oth­ers are bowel, breast, mouth, oe­sophageal, la­ryn­geal (voice box) and pha­ryn­geal can­cer (up­per throat).

Try hav­ing more booze­free days each week

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