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Sport Third Test : 23 : 15

Sport Third Test

15 The Daily Telegraph Monday 27 July 2020 *** wicket now in his sights Sir Geoffrey Boycott Working in tandem, veteran pair apply the pressure on batsmen At Emirates Old Trafford ENGLAND - First Innings 369 West Indies won toss (Pope 91, Buttler 67, Broad 62, Burns 57, Roach 4-72) WEST INDIES - First Innings (Overnight 137-6) R 1 32 17 4 9 26 46 37 10 0 0 15 197 B 4 6 KC Brathwaite JD Campbell SD Hope SSJ Brooks RL Chase J Blackwood *JO Holder †SO Dowrich RRS Cornwall KAJ Roach ST Gabriel Extras Total Fall c Root b Broad c Burns b Archer c Buttler b Anderson c Buttler b Anderson lbw b Broad b Woakes lbw b Broad c Woakes b Broad lbw b Broad c Root b Broad not out (b4 lb5 w5 nb1) (65 overs) 1-1 2-44 3-58 4-59 5-73 6-110 7-178 8-188 9-188 10-197. 10 50 64 20 36 45 82 63 15 3 3 0 3 2 0 0 3 7 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I n their first innings, West Indies were bowled out in only 65 overs. Unless rain – a lot of rain – comes to help them, then England should win. Body language tells me everything. And this England bowling unit fancy their chances against these West Indian batsmen. Overseas youngsters do not often get cool, cloudy, uninviting batting conditions and Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson are master craftsmen in this weather. They have been doing it successful­ly for years, that is why they each have hundreds of Test match wickets on home soil. If one of them does not succeed, the other one usually does. In the first innings, I was delighted for Stuart as he got his six wickets bowling very straight and full. Jimmy and Stuart bowl so well in tandem, allowing batsmen very few scoring balls so that batting becomes a grind. Many players find it so frustratin­g if they bat and cannot score. The pressure of not scoring wears down some guys to the point where they take a chance to try to score and get themselves out. When batsmen cannot score against top-class bowlers with the new ball in their hand, at the back of their mind is the thought that eventually they will get a good one and nick it. It is psychologi­cal pressure, sustained with no let-up. And only a batsman with an excellent technique, great concentrat­ion and patience will succeed. Jimmy and Stuart took eight wickets between them for 59 runs in 30 overs with attacking fields. That is quality bowling, discipline­d and mean – and seven of their wickets were batsmen defending. Jofra Archer’s pace gives the team another dimension but for me it is not so much that as the sharp lift he gets from just short of a length. In the first innings, John Campbell got out to one of those. When a ball leaps at a batsman from just in front of him, he has no time to get out of the way or keep it down. It also has an effect on opposition players because if they see these balls or even experience one themselves, it gets in their head so they are wary of coming forward. Chris Woakes is a very good bowler in English conditions and Bowling JM Anderson 16-5-28-2, SCJ Broad 14-4-31-6, JC Archer 17-1-72-1, CR Woakes 18-2-57-1. ENGLAND - Second Innings R 90 56 68 12 226 B 4 6 RJ Burns DP Sibley *JE Root Extras Total Fall Did not bat c sub b Chase lbw b Holder not out (b6 lb3 nb3) (2 wkts dec, 58 overs) 1-114 2-226. BA Stokes, OJD Pope, †JC Buttler, CR Woakes, DM Bess, JC Archer, SCJ Broad, J M Anderson. KAJ Roach 11-4-34-0, ST Gabriel 5-0-19-0, JO Holder 9-2-24-1, RL Chase 14-2-61-1, RRS Cornwall 19-2-79-0. 163 11 132 7 56 8 0 0 1 Bowling WEST INDIES - Second Innings R 2 0 4 4 0 10 B 4 6 KC Brathwaite JD Campbell SD Hope KAJ Roach Extras Total Fall not out c Root b Broad not out c Buttler b Broad 17 3 11 5 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 Broad and Anderson have been doing it successful­ly for years on home soil (2 wkts, 6 overs)) 1-0 2-6. To bat SS J Brooks, RL Chase, J Blackwood, †SO Dowrich, *JO Holder, RRS Cornwall, ST Gabriel. Bowling Umpires TV Umpire Reserve Umpire Match Referee JM Anderson 3-2-2-0, SCJ Broad 3-1-8-2. MA Gough and RA Kettleboro­ugh. RK Illingwort­h. D Milns. BC Broad. will have a part to play to keep the pressure on West Indies. And as we get into the fifth day, this pitch will turn for the off-spinner Dom Bess. You could see how confident England were in the way they went about their second-innings batting – unhurried, very discipline­d to make sure that they got a start against the new ball. No panic on the England side because they know there are so many overs left in the game. West Indies have not scored 350 in any of their five innings this series – or really looked like doing it. I do not see them getting them against England’s top-quality bowling attack, especially with the pitch taking spin. And even if today is a washout there is still a whole day left. All England need is a day out of two – one day is enough to bowl them out again and win the Wisden Trophy. West Indies had enjoyed a good start to the day, adding 41 largely untroubled runs after resuming on 137 for six. Burns said: “We didn’t quite hit our straps this morning, but the way we came back and gave ourselves the opportunit­y to bat as we did put ourselves in a good position. “In and around tea time we had a closer look at how we wanted to push it along for a period and then leave us 10 overs or so where we could really put our foot down.” On his own performanc­e with the bat and changing his foot position, Burns added: “You have to try to shut out the noise and face the ball you are getting. I am just trying to manoeuvre the ball where I can and change the field.” 114 43 2

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