The Daily Telegraph - Business : 2020-07-28

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5 The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 28 July 2020 *** Business Digging out of a hole Britons spent more in Spain than any other nationalit­y in 2019 SPAIN a Italy 3.57bn € Nordic countries UK 17.99bn 6.79bn r France 7.6bn Germany 11.72bn Airline and travel shares took another nosedive following the Government’s decision TUI 20 % 0 EasyJet Ryanair -20 -40 -60 -80 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul More nights are spent in Spain by tourists than any other country in the EU Spain Italy France Greece Austria Germany Croatia Portugal Netherland­s s 0mil 50mil 100mil 150mil 200mil 250mil 300mil 350mil Catalonia and the Canary Islands enjoy the biggest boost from tourism spending Madrid 10.45bn € Catalonia 21.33bn Andalucia 12.53bn Balearic Islands Canary Islands 14.88bn 16.87bn SOURCE: JEFFERIES, INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ESTADISTIC­A

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