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16 The Daily Telegraph Friday 7 August 2020 *** Sport Final Whistle Readers’ letters Golf’s broad church, F1 villains and ‘infantile banter’ on TMS Keeping standards still important Walker right to discount ‘cheats’ the team is infantile and totally lacks any real analytical focus on the game in hand. I found James Corrigan’s article While Murray Walker’s highpitche­d scream might not have been to everyone’s taste, he knew his subject inside out and was correct Wed) in dismissing Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna from a list of the greatest of all time because neither would hesitate to cheat if necessary. Senna deliberate­ly took out his rival for the championsh­ip, Alain Prost, at the Japanese GP of 1989 and Schumacher did the same to Damon Hill in Australia in 1994. (Golfing boon at risk from blazer brigade, Peter Wilkinson, Belper Wed Aug 5) quite disturbing. I see no problem with applying standards, whether it be dress or behaviour, in any walk of life. As one who will occasional­ly wear a blazer, I take exception to the writer’s suggestion that this is in some way unacceptab­le. I have taken part during my long life in a variety of sports and have always felt that standards are an important part of participat­ing. Of course, no groups should be excluded from any sport and Corrigan has cited a number of incidents in which individual­s acted unreasonab­ly, but this does not mean acceptable standards should be discarded for the sake of inclusivit­y. Less is more on the court (Telegraph interview, I really enjoyed the Battle of the Brits tennis tournament and the best part was the absence of line judges and ball girls and boys. Hawkeye live for line calls seemed to work without incident and there was no issue with players getting their own balls and towels for the customary towelling down after each point. A less crowded court made it much easier to concentrat­e on the tennis. Dr Martin Henry, Good Easter, Chelmsford Silence not golden for Cup final James Sneath, Eastbourne Not always good to hug Yorkshire football teams. I feel it would be a more balanced article if he had not omitted Hull, which to those outside of “God’s Own Country” is considered to be in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Hull finished bottom of the Championsh­ip and were relegated to League One, where they may enjoy derbies with Doncaster. Spread rugby’s cash around I saw my first FA Cup final in 1953, on a grainy black and white TV at my mate’s house in Leeds. I then missed the next two as I was doing National Service in Singapore and Malaya. I have not missed one since, (all, bar one, on television) but sadly, this year, if you were a neutral, as I am, it was like watching a pre-season friendly. Never thought that the “atmosphere” played such an important role. I am puzzled. If sportsmen believe they can influence events by taking the knee, why do they not see that hugging each other may also be an influence? My son-in-law tells me it is OK as they will all have tested negative, but some viewers may not be in the same boat. Roger Clement, Sunbury-on-Thames English rugby union is awash with money. To cut it off at its grass roots Game provides plenty of choice (RFU warned latest job cuts could be ‘complete car crash’ for grass roots, Golf is a broad church and, if Mr Corrigan wants to dress and behave as he would on a beach holiday, there are plenty of courses and many clubs who will gladly accommodat­e him. Those who seek more traditiona­l standards of dress, etiquette and behaviour, will find a wide selection of clubs that are more suited to their needs. Golfers can make their choice. Wed) is financiall­y illiterate. Peter Lloyd, Cuddington, Northwich Ken Prosser, Kiddermins­ter Chris Plumb, Long Crendon, Bucks More to come in Yorkshire tale? TMS has begun to lack focus Please send us your views on sport and our coverage to the Sports Editor, The Daily Telegraph, 111 Buckingham Palace Rd, SWIW 0DT. Or email sportlette­rs@telegraph. Please include your postal address. We will publish the best each week. John Henesy, Maidenhead Is there going to be a “Part 2” of the Yorkshire article where you look at the East Riding of Yorkshire where there most certainly is not a “feel-good factor”? I thought Simon Heffer was overly kind to the current team at The headline Test Match Special. (TMS has lost its charm and now insults loyal listeners, A question of boundaries John Bayer, Winchmore Hill, London Mike McGrath wrote a very entertaini­ng piece on last season’s Tues) summed up my feelings. The banter between Natalie Walker

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