Read­ers’ let­ters On snooker’s way for­ward and grand­mas in the driv­ing seat

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O’Sullivan misses the point

As a club player who en­joys play­ing the game and lives quite close to Ron­nie O’Sullivan, I am rather dis­ap­pointed with his com­ments that play­ers of qual­ity are not com­ing through (Au­gust 10). Af­ter all, it can be no sur­prise when you see just how many snooker clubs have closed in re­cent years. In­stead of crit­i­cis­ing, why not en­cour­age young­sters to take up this tremen­dous sport?

I stand to be cor­rected, but a pro­fes­sional re­cently told me that snooker in China is on the na­tional school cur­ricu­lum. Maybe by be­ing the best player ever to play the game in mine and many oth­ers’ opin­ions, Ron­nie can be pro­duc­tive and open up an acad­emy here in Es­sex? Gor­don Moser, Bark­ing­side, Es­sex

Coughs and sneezes . . .

I have been watch­ing the snooker on TV and it has been a thor­oughly plea­sur­able ex­pe­ri­ence. Why? The piped “au­di­ence” does not have mem­bers who seem to have un­con­trol­lable coughs. Also, no shouts of “Come on ... ” whoever it is play­ing. How­ever, the cough­ing makes snooker al­most im­pos­si­ble to watch, so nice not to have it spoil this year’s event.

Don’t sup­pose it will last though. Penny Col­man, Melk­sham, Wilts

No ex­cuses for Ser­ena

Molly McEl­wee’s ar­ti­cle (Au­gust 12) com­par­ing the re­ac­tions to the be­hav­iour of Chris­tian Ron­aldo and Ser­ena Wil­liams seems to miss the vi­tal point. Ron­aldo’s child­ish re­ac­tion had no im­pact on his op­po­nents, whereas Wil­liams’s melt­down came at a cru­cial stage in a grand slam fi­nal and could have un­set­tled a gra­cious op­po­nent on the brink of her first ti­tle. In the event, it ru­ined Naomi Osaka’s mo­ment in the sun to the point that she felt she had to apol­o­gise for win­ning in the face of the usual bi­ased New York crowd. Brian Hil­son, Broms­grove, Worcs

Azhar play­ing with a smile

I must com­pli­ment Scyld Berry on his in­sight­ful piece on Pak­istan cap­tain Azhar Ali (Au­gust 13).

Those giv­ing Azhar a hard time on so­cial me­dia need to re­mem­ber two things. First, he is cap­tain­ing Pak­istan at just about the tough­est pe­riod in their his­tory. Sec­ond, un­der his lead­er­ship, the team play the game with a smile.

I hope that sus­tains even if Azhar does find a harder edge and that Pak­istan don’t de­velop the snarling con­fronta­tion­al­ism of an­other team in green caps that I could men­tion. Roger Chap­pell, Alles­ley, Coven­try

Grand­mas boil­ing over

I am sure there are a lot of grand­mas, like me, who took of­fence at Max Ver­stap­pen’s re­marks to drive like grandma (Au­gust 10). We DO over­take and DO drive on mo­tor­ways. I just wish I had a race­track where I could prac­tise my driv­ing skills. Kathy Benn, Helsby, Cheshire

BBC should be dis­missed

On Mon­day, Nick Hoult re­ported on the BBC Test high­lights at 7pm, where up to 1.5 mil­lion viewed the ex­cit­ing last day of the first Test be­tween Eng­land and Pak­istan.

For the sec­ond Test, the BBC in its wis­dom has re­verted to an 11.00-11.30pm sched­ule! It beg­gars be­lief, but just shows that the BBC should not be al­lowed to cover cricket; Chan­nel 5 has done a great high­lights job in the past! Richard Sykes, Al­bert Bridge Road, Lon­don

Rugby, just get on with it

I re­cently watched re­plays of Eng­land’s 2003 World Cup matches and was struck by the speed and play time.

The scrums were sim­ple – line up, en­gage and ball straight down the chan­nel and hooked back. No three stage set-up, feed to the sec­ond row, end­less re­sets. The line-outs were straight in to line and thrown in. If the mod­ern-day de­lays were elim­i­nated and sub­sti­tu­tions al­lowed only for in­jury the game would re­vert to a sport for all, not just 20st leviathans. John Tay­lor, Ham­mer­wich, Burnt­wood, Staffs

When Sil­ver­stone park­ing was a joy

The ar­ti­cle about stand­out mo­ments from 70 years at Sil­ver­stone (Au­gust 8) brought back many happy mem­o­ries. In the 1950s, I went with my fa­ther and friends to Sil­ver­stone. We used to park in a farmer’s field and walk across to the cir­cuit, tak­ing pic­nics and chairs to a spot on the bank at Beck­etts’ Cor­ner. I even still have a photograph I took of Stir­ling Moss in his Kieft 500cc with his favourite No 7 at Beck­etts at the May 1953 in­ter­na­tional event. Dad had a Jowett Javelin and I am sure he drove faster on the way home! Ian Robin­son, Up­nor, Rochester, Kent

Give us a break: Ron­nie O’Sullivan was crit­i­cal over the short­age of qual­ity play­ers emerg­ing

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