The Daily Telegraph - Business : 2020-08-20

Sport Cricket : 17 : 9

Sport Cricket

9 The Daily Telegraph Thursday 20 August 2020 *** The county game ‘It is not about people turning up with a flask and sandwiches watching four-day cricket any more. They will not like me saying that...’ The ICC ‘That is a massive job. ICC has some big issues. It is at a crossroads. All I have said is I will look at it and see where I am going forward’ How Rashid's Test record breaks down Away Home 14 5 The controvers­ies 50 10 ‘It has been a difficult ride. I did not take this job on to travel the world, watch England play, have my free lunches and gin and tonic’ 52.9 30.9 3.55 1 1 Tests Wickets Average Economy rate 5-wickets 3.88

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