Eng­land still too reliant on Broad and An­der­son

Next gen­er­a­tion failed to take their chance this sum­mer so the old stagers re­main un­chal­lenged

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The prob­lem Eng­land have is that James An­der­son and Stu­art Broad will both be in Aus­tralia for the next Ashes, be­cause the younger bowlers who have been picked this sum­mer have not done well enough.

They are not tak­ing enough wick­ets to put pres­sure on those two. Sam Cur­ran did not have a mas­sive op­por­tu­nity, but when he did play he did not take a bag­ful of wick­ets. Jofra Archer went wick­et­less in the last Test.

Who were the wicket-tak­ers for Eng­land? Broad and An­der­son again and that was the frus­tra­tion this sum­mer.

Other bowlers have had an op­por­tu­nity but not taken it, so Eng­land had to re­vert to the se­nior pair.

Archer is still work­ing out what kind of bowler he is, which is fine for a young player. Ja­son Gille­spie, his coach at Sus­sex, says he is the type of bowler who hits the top of off stump with the odd sharp bouncer.

Re­cently he has been used as the short-pitched bat­ter­ing ram. I do not think that is go­ing to work with a soft ball on a slow wicket.

I think all tall bowlers at Test level should just hit the top of off stump. Curtly Am­brose, Court­ney Walsh and Glenn McGrath all hit the top of off stump and bowled the odd bouncer.

Ev­ery now and again the quick bouncer is awk­ward to face. As a bats­man it is much eas­ier when you know the bouncer is com­ing all the time.

It is the el­e­ment of sur­prise that causes prob­lems.

Mark Wood should have played more. They are ask­ing too much of him just to bowl over­seas. We know his body is not go­ing to last five matches in Aus­tralia. If you can get three of the five Tests out of him that would be great. He needs to be given con­fi­dence that he can play three Tests in a series.

Eng­land have to de­cide how they are go­ing to get out of Bris­bane next year without los­ing the first Test. Is it go­ing to be set­tling in and try­ing to em­u­late the 2010-11 team by just bat­ting long pe­ri­ods, or do they go for broke and try to win the game and be more pos­i­tive in the field?

Spin is the big prob­lem. How can you win over­seas without a spin­ner? Dom Bess is 23 and

Dom Bess has spirit and con­fi­dence, but I was dis­ap­pointed with him this week

young, but he has played all six Test matches this sum­mer af­ter Eng­land put con­fi­dence in him.

I like his char­ac­ter. He has spirit and con­fi­dence, but I was dis­ap­pointed with him this week. With 583 on the board, I wanted him to be braver with field set­tings. Why did he have a cover point on the bound­ary when he had so many runs to play with?

There were 42 overs to bowl on the last day and it was im­pos­si­ble for Pak­istan to go be­yond Eng­land’s score. It was a chance for Bess to bowl with men around the bat and cre­ate pres­sure, which will be needed by Eng­land in Asia this win­ter. But all he had was a short leg.

Ei­ther he, or the cap­tain, were not brave enough to bowl with field­ers around the bat. For Eng­land to win over­seas he has to get used to bowl­ing with men close in to bowl teams out.

This was an op­por­tu­nity missed to say to Dom: “Can you do it?” Not once did he have a silly point to right-han­ders. I found that stag­ger­ing. If it had been a low-scor­ing game, then fair enough. But with 583 it can­not be right that he did not have a silly point. As a right-hand bats­man, I know that if there is no silly point I can lunge for­ward and play with the spin.

With a silly point there, I know if I play for­ward to a ball that spits out the rough, I could get an in­side edge that could bal­loon to the fielder in close on the off side, which it did on one oc­ca­sion off Azhar Ali, but there was no fielder there. He had cover point on the bound­ary in­stead. It did not make sense.

Eng­land can­not play safe with an ortho­dox off-spin­ner. He has to con­jure some­thing around the bat that cons the bats­man into think­ing he is cre­at­ing some­thing when he is not.

Once he is in rhythm, Bess has to at­tack and force the bats­men into do­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent. It is hard for an off-spin­ner against right-han­ders, even Nathan Lyon strug­gles, but he would have had a silly point and a leg slip in the fi­nal ses­sion.

My con­cern is what were Eng­land wor­ried about? Were they try­ing to pro­tect him to make sure his fig­ures were not too bad? I would not have cared if my spin­ner had gone for a few runs on Tues­day. I just wanted wick­ets and op­por­tu­ni­ties cre­ated.

They can play safe and sen­si­bly with the bat, but you can­not be safe with the ball, not with Eng­land’s at­tack. There was not a chance in a mil­lion years that the ball would go in the air to deep point.

A lot of good things have hap­pened this sum­mer, but Eng­land have not ad­dressed the prob­lems they have over­seas.

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