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Sport Us Open : 17 : 9

Sport Us Open

9 The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 8 September 2020 ** Williams casts doubt on playing in French Open By Molly McElwee American concerned about crowd because of health issues Dream of 24th slam still on as she battles through to last eight ‘Djokovic has slightly been asking for trouble. Now he will have to learn the hard way’ Where Djokovic clearly chooses his own path, Henman received some useful advice on crisis management from Jan Felgate, his agent at IMG, who was then married to David Felgate, his coach. “We arranged that the next day I would give the ball girl some flowers,” Henman said. “The front two courts at Aorangi Park [Wimbledon’s practice area] were booked out for the photo call. They put up some scaffoldin­g as a stand for all the photograph­ers. “When I went out on the court, I looked to my right, and saw all these players watching. Then I looked ahead, and saw all the photograph­ers. It was a pretty embarrassi­ng moment. In fact, it wasn’t a good 24 hours. “It was just one of those freak accidents. I had never had a warning for anything like that before, and I never would again. Whereas, when you reflect on some of Djokovic’s press conference­s, he has slightly been asking for trouble. Now he will have to learn the hard way.” With regard to Sunday’s aftermath, Henman is adamant that Djokovic should at least have stuck around for the press conference. “You have to front up to these things. His Instagram message was very sincere and said all the right things, and I do believe what he said, but it would have been better to say it in person. “From a tennis point of view, he missed such a good opportunit­y to win the slam, close the gap on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Now there is going to be a cloud over his head, not only with the press but also with the fans. At least he won’t go hitting the ball around like that in the future.” Tim Henman is part of Amazon Prime Video’s live and exclusive coverage of the US Open

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