The Daily Telegraph - Business : 2020-09-22

Sport Football : 11 : 3

Sport Football

3 The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 22 September 2020 ** game or the one after. The rest after the internatio­nal break. This is the situation but maybe it will change.” Guardiola’s team swept Wolves aside in the first half but the hosts created chances after the interval and scored through Raul Jimenez. “We couldn’t run much because we are tired in our legs, but in general we had a good game,” said Guardiola. “In the situation we are in the last two weeks, I expect some moments that we will suffer.” Foden was selected in his first game since being sent home from England duty in Iceland when he was found to have female guests at the team hotel. “He came back and made great contributi­ons to the team,” said Guardiola. “This match was not an exception. He played really well apart from scoring his goal. Since day one he trained really well when he was with us, whether he played 90 minutes or five minutes, it didn’t matter.” On Gundogan’s positive Covid-19 test, Guardiola said: “I am concerned for the society, not for Manchester City. Ilkay is asymptomat­ic and feels well, but we have to isolate him for 10 to 15 days.”

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