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◆ Rowena Howie of The Re­vival Retro Bou­tique says: “While I wel­comed the mea­sures that will help small busi­nesses like mine I was still left with more ques­tions than an­swers.

“I’ve worked so hard to pro­tect jobs, save my busi­ness, pay sup­pli­ers and build re­silience among my net­work of self-em­ployed free­lancers, yet still as a di­rec­tor of a com­pany, there is noth­ing to ac­knowl­edge that I’m do­ing a job and I need to get paid.

Some of the tar­geted sup­port will def­i­nitely ben­e­fit my busi­ness, specif­i­cally the ex­ten­sion to re­pay­ments of my Bounce­back Loan and Pay as you Grow, but the fu­ture is still very un­cer­tain.

“I al­ready had to make one re­dun­dancy last week but I re­ally hope I won’t have to make any more. I think it has re­quired them to move at a pace no govern­ment is used to and I ap­plaud swift ac­tion. How­ever, the lack of con­sis­tency in their mes­sag­ing has been to great detri­ment in how the pub­lic re­sponds to mea­sures con­trol­ling the virus now – and our abil­ity to re­cover eco­nom­i­cally and cul­tur­ally in the fu­ture.”

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