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Joint ex­ec­u­tive cre­ative di­rec­tor and part­ner, CHI & Part­ners I write this on the hottest June day since 1976. It’s 34.1 de­grees and I have drib­bles of sweat col­lat­ing in crevasses I didn’t know I had.

Every­one is talk­ing about it. Not my crevasses. The heat.

It makes me think we should look at ad­ver­tis­ing like we do the weather. When we have ex­tremes, every­one talks about it.

Oh my God, it is so fuck­ing hot. Christ, it’s freezing.

When it’s cle­ment, mild, nice, it’s only men­tioned in po­lite meet­ings or awk­ward con­ver­sa­tions.

So I won­der: is the work I’ve been sent the ad equiv­a­lent of sunny in­ter­vals, mild south-west­erly breezes and a balmy 22.5 de­grees? Or will there be thun­der­storms? Per­haps the odd, glo­ri­ous flash of light­ning? Let’s see.

First up, SUB­WAY. Un­like Sub­way food, this ad is de­ceiv­ingly well-made. It’s well-writ­ten, well-cast and well-di­rected. I like it, I like her – I just don’t like the un­ap­petis­ing salad shot at the end. It’s like a lovely sunny day with a quick down­pour around eight o’clock that damp­ens the mood.

Mother’s swan­song for BOOTS is a lovely idea: cel­e­brate sum­mer as much as we do Christ­mas. It has taken a Christ­mas clas­sic and given it a sum­mer lyric. Un­for­tu­nately, that gets a lit­tle bit lost and all I’m left with is my idea of hell – a busy lido. Any­way, to make an­other tor­tu­ous, weather-based anal­ogy – it’s like a day where the fore­cast was great but the breeze never came and you end up swear­ing you will never wear leather trousers again.

Trains are serene, planes are nasty things. VIR­GIN

TRAINS is in dan­ger of sound­ing like a bro­ken record with this strat­egy, but it has twisted the ar­gu­ment to “Span­dau Bal­let v speed­core”. Span­dau rep­re­sents the ease of train travel and speed­core the tor­ture of plane travel. It’s nicely done and at least I got the ex­tremes here. Al­to­gether, the ad is like the glo­ri­ous schiz­o­phrenic weather of the north Cor­nish coast – I’m get­ting out in it.

JURYS INN tells the heart­felt tale of a lug­gage trol­ley look­ing for a home. It even­tu­ally finds it at a… Jurys Inn. It’s sweet, nice and like­able, like a mid- to late-septem­ber breeze on a Sun­day af­ter­noon with some tea. Will it cut through, though? Jury’s out.

The fi­nal ad has a grand am­bi­tion to make us put aside our petty dif­fer­ences. To see each other dif­fer­ently. The strat­egy threat­ens thun­der­storms and light­ning and freak typhoons that would get us talk­ing for months!!! But it’s for CBEE­BIES so they never ma­te­ri­alise. In­stead, it is rightly very gen­tle and cute, if a bit fa­mil­iar in con­struct. (I am putting this sen­tence in brack­ets and a slightly smaller type­face like it’s a se­cret aside be­cause I am get­ting a bit sick of brands try­ing to make the world a bet­ter place at the ex­pense of imag­i­na­tion and joy. Only me?) Sorry, I am get­ting hot and both­ered. Time for a cold shower.

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