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Could I fit a four-inch twin wall flue to a Hob­bit stove and take the 6in ex­ter­nal flue di­rectly through a 6in cast col­lar? The in­su­lated chim­ney would then con­tinue the flue from the top of the col­lar. This would make in­stal­la­tion within the boat much sim­pler be­cause it would al­low only a 60mm air gap be­tween the twin wall flue and any combustibles.

ROGERSPURR, via the CB web­site

TONY REPLIES... The Hob­bit SE is listed as hav­ing a 4in flue so that is fine at the bot­tom. I can see no rea­son you can­not fit the whole flue through a 6in roof col­lar, but with one im­por­tant pro­viso. You will be leav­ing the top of the in­su­la­tion be­tween the two skins ex­posed so you need to seal it against wa­ter and tar ingress. I’d sug­gest high tem­per­a­ture sil­i­con.

Be sure to al­ways use a cap on the col­lar or fit a dou­ble skinned chim­ney. Make sure the in­ner skin of the chim­ney fits in­side the 4in flue and fill the void be­tween the in­ner skin and outer skins of the chim­ney with some­thing like ex­pand­ing foam so any con­den­sa­tion in the chim­ney drops into the stove rather than into the in­su­la­tion.

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