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I re­cently re-routed the PRV dis­charge from a bot­tle to the shower tray, since then it seems to dis­charge for about 30 sec­onds or more fol­low­ing use of a hot tap. The PRV is sited at the base of the (ver­ti­cal) calori­fier, is this okay? Di­a­grams seem to have it at the top.

BELLPUSH, via email

TONY REPLIES... I think your pump cut-out pres­sure is too close to the PRV open­ing pres­sure, so when you close the tap, the in­er­tia of the wa­ter through the pipes against the closed tap mo­men­tar­ily raises the pres­sure suf­fi­ciently to open the PRV. Ad­just the pump cut-out pres­sure a lit­tle.

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