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SOME­TIMES YOU THINK ‘that’s just so sim­ple, why didn’t I think of it?’ – and if you’ve ever dropped your sponge off the boat, had it blown away by the wind or just won­dered where it’s got to, this is one of those mo­ments.

The Bungee Spongee® is sim­ply a sponge with a cord at­tached and a clip at the end. Be­fore you go all BluePeter and try it at home, it’s worth point­ing out that it’s ap­par­ently taken a few years to per­fect and the idea has been patented and trade­marked (that’s why we put the lit­tle ® af­ter the name…).

Also, it’s not your or­di­nary sponge, but ap­par­ently a high den­sity ab­sorbent foam with a strong plas­tic stop locked in place at the cen­tre. The clip at the other end al­lows it to be at­tached to the boat or a bucket

It’s the idea of Southamp­ton-based an­gler Leon Mead and comes in var­i­ous shapes and colours, in­clud­ing a fish, tra­di­tional sponge shape and starfish.

At £ 6.99 we reckon that’s not bad and cheaper than con­tin­u­ally re­plac­ing sponges that have a habit of dis­ap­pear­ing...

CON­TACT: bungee-spongee.com 017765 237858

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