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THIS HANDY APP is ideal for boaters on the go as it en­ables you to stream high qual­ity, live TV straight to your An­droid or Ap­ple de­vice for free.

Not only can you ac­cess some “It’s seized fast. Feels like it’s been welded in. You’re freez­ing cold, wet, wedged un­der your car”. Sub­sti­tute “in your en­gine hole” for “un­der your car” and the open­ing line of this book will have many boat-own­ing DIYers nod­ding their heads at its fa­mil­iar­ity. The fol­low­ing 300-plus pages are ded­i­cated en­tirely to the var­i­ous meth­ods, gen­tle and not-so-gen­tle, to undo rusty, dam­aged or bro­ken nuts, bolts, studs and screws. All the var­i­ous tools are de­scribed, from the spe­cial span­ners de­signed for worn nuts to the more bru­tal bits of kit such as im­pact driv­ers and nut-split­ters; plus tech­niques such as cut­ting a new slot in a screw head or even weld­ing on a new bolt head – and if all else fails, how to drill the re­mains out.

The Rusty Nut Bi­ble, Chas New­port, nrtfm. com, £10, 978-1-50317639-3 THE GROWTH OF canal­side plants has been some­thing of an is­sue in re­cent years, with counter ac­cu­sa­tions that the veg­e­ta­tion con­trol con­trac­tors were either wan­tonly de­stroy­ing wild­flow­ers or fail­ing to keep the tow­path clear. But on the U.S.’s Cape Cod Canal they’ve got a dif­fer­ent ap­proach, in­volv­ing not mow­ers and strim­mers, but… goats. Yes, the Army Corps of En­gi­neers has brought in a herd of goats to chomp their way through bit­ter­sweet, green­brier, poi­son ivy and other trou­ble­some species. So the U.S. Army has a herd of goats? No, ap­par­ently it rented them from a hire firm. Which con­jures up thoughts of goat hire brochures, a goat safety scheme, a Na­tional As­so­ci­a­tion of Goat Own­ers and, of course, Canal Goat mag­a­zine…

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