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In nar­row­boats, en­gine room space is prob­a­bly too lim­ited to fit a diesel gen­er­a­tor, but many small sets lend them­selves to be­ing in­stalled un­der bunks or seats. They gen­er­ally come in com­pact acous­tic hous­ings. It’s im­por­tant not to cool an in­board gen­er­a­tor by keel-cool­ing. Keel cool­ing tanks for your main en­gine rely on wa­ter con­tin­u­ally pass­ing the hull to carry away the heat, which hap­pens when you mo­tor along the canal. A gen­er­a­tor will nor­mally be run when the boat is moored up, so the wa­ter out­side the cool­ing tank is not mov­ing. Us­ing keel-cool­ing, at best you will lose ef­fi­ciency by 15-20 per cent. At worst, the gen­er­a­tor will con­tin­u­ously over­heat. The best – only – way to cool an in­board diesel gen­er­a­tor is with raw wa­ter from the canal. Af­ter pass­ing through the en­gine, warmed wa­ter is in­jected into the ex­haust (wet ex­haust) or is piped over the side sep­a­rately (dry ex­haust).

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