‘This is typ­i­cal of fallen leaves around the prop, but look­ing down the weed hatch shows noth­ing’

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Tech­ni­cal Con­sul­tant LESS EX­PE­RI­ENCED read­ers might have been con­cerned about a pe­ri­odic loss of power with the en­gine labour­ing and pos­si­bly smok­ing. At this time of year, this is typ­i­cal of fallen leaves form­ing a disc around the prop, but look­ing down the weed hatch shows noth­ing be­cause the leaves will have floated away by the time you have taken it up. So if you do suf­fer a labour­ing en­gine around now, try a quick burst of astern which should clear the leaves un­til next time.

Many of you ask ques­tions via the Canal Boat web­site which we’re happy to re­ceive and an­swer, but pic­tures of your prob­lems are re­duced to thumb­nail size. If we need pho­tos we’ll ask you to email them di­rectly to me (or to the mag­a­zine for for­ward­ing) at full size. This means we can re­ally see what the is­sue is and sug­gest any reme­dies. At the same time, pop a note on your fo­rum post­ing to say whether or not you can send any pic­tures.

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