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AAny idea why the sump on my air-cooled Lis­ter is fill­ing up with diesel? TONY REPLIES... On most other en­gines that symp­tom might well be an in­jec­tor, in­jec­tor pump or lift­pump prob­lem, but on your type of Lis­ter it’s most likely a fuel pipe has frac­tured or a fuel union come loose in­side the en­gine case.

Take the rocker cover off and run the en­gine on idle. Are any of the large and small pipe union nuts on each in­jec­tor drip­ping? If so, tighten them. Check the thin pipes have not chafed against a pushrod and punc­tured. If not, re­move the pushrod side cover that houses the in­jec­tor pumps and check no in­jec­tor pump bleed screws are leak­ing. Make sure the main in­jec­tor pumps’ unions and the banjo unions that feed fuel to the in­jec­tor pumps are tight. Check the pump el­e­ment re­tain­ing screw at the back of the pump (by feel or with a den­tist’s mir­ror) for leaks.

Next, look at all the cop­per fuel sup­ply and leak-off pipes in­side the en­gine hous­ing.

If you can still not find a fault, con­sider the items I men­tioned at the start.

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