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QMy Beta JD3 has no pre-fil­ter on the fuel sup­ply, just the en­ginemounted CAV type. I am go­ing to fit a pre-fil­ter with the top slightly above the level of the fuel tank and the bot­tom be­low the full level. Will the en­gine lift­pump prime the new fil­ter?

via email TONY REPLIES... Most nar­row­boats have the tank well above en­gine level so once the sys­tem is filled, grav­ity should help.

My en­gine has been run­ning with the lev­els as de­scribed for more than 15 years now and the lift­pump is over 25 years old so yes, yours should prime.

The ini­tial prim­ing should be car­ried out us­ing the man­ual lever on the pump (or sep­a­rate prim­ing lever), rather than crank­ing the starter.

I would not fit the new fil­ter be­low the fuel level be­cause it makes the sys­tem more -vul­ner­a­ble to diesel loss if a seal is not fit­ted cor­rectly.

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